Jenny “SAVAGE” Clausius set to take on Sheena Starr at BKFC 15

Biloxi, MS.: BKFC 15 will take place on Friday, December 11, 2020, at the Biloxi Civic Center in Biloxi, MS.

In the main event, we will see a heavyweight clash between Sam Shewmaker and Mark “The Hand Of” Godbeer. Shewmaker will make his sixth bare-knuckle appearance while Godbeer will make his BKFC debut.

Also on the card, we will see Jenny “Savage” Clausius who’s coming into this fight with a Pro MMA record of 3-4-0 and making her Bare Knuckle Fighting debut. Her last fight was back on September 19, 2020, losing to Marnic Mann by a controversial stoppage by the referee at Fusion Fight League. Jenny currently trains out of SSF Submission Academy and fights out of Tennessee. Clausius is ranked 6th of 15 active Kentucky women pound for pound. Jenny will be taking on Sheena “Puma” Brandenburg with a Pro MMA record of 0-4-0 and 1-0 in Bare Knuckle fighting. Her last Bare Knuckle was against Delaney Owen where she lost her fight at BKFC 8: Silva vs. Gonzaga. Sheena is currently training at Fuse MMA and fights out of Gaylord, Michigan.

Jenny “Savage” Clausius took time out of her busy schedule to talk to CEO of FightBook MMA Roberto Villa about her Bare Knuckle fighting debut at BKFC 15 and more.

Roberto: Jenny, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. The FightBook MMA team and I have been fans of yours since your Amateur career and finally, we get the chance to sit down and have this interview.

Roberto: Before we start, can you tell the fans a bit about yourself?

Jenny: Of course! Thank you for having me. I have been a mixed martial artist for seven years, with a blue belt in BJJ. I am currently in college at NSCC full time including NSLS honors, majoring in business management for my associates. I am a proud mom to my son Cayden.

Roberto: You made your Pro debut back in 2018 and you currently have 7 fights under your belt. In those Pro fights, is there any advice given to you that you won’t forget?

Jenny: I would have to say the best advice I received is to not take anything in this sport personal. The most solid of advice is to pray in the spirit when I am facing a storm.

Roberto: How are you feeling about making your Bare Knuckle fighting debut fighting for BKFC?

Jenny: I feel great. I think BKFC is a great company and I can foresee some of my best fights with them. I used to say I would never do it but 2020 has been a strange and unpredictable year.

Roberto: Are you doing anything different as far as training compared to MMA?

Jenny: There is a few different things but not very much has changed for me. I do have to get my knuckles conditioned but I like it.

Roberto: You made a Facebook post about how you feel fighting your friend Sheena Star. Can you let the fans know what you said?

Jenny: Sheena is a fighter I have always looked up to since I first began. Before she ever knew about me I heard about her story and knew about her bout with cancer. She was an original WMMA fighter and has put weights in her pockets to fight in a higher weight class. When you don’t have anyone else and you step up like that, how can I not love this girl and her drive? She has been through so much and I am honored to share this platform she has bled and sweat for, before me.

Roberto: If there was one thing you can say to your friend Sheena before you face her at BKFC 15 what would that be?

Jenny: Thank you for this opportunity and the ability to have a Christmas. Without you, I’d be stuck.

Roberto: Lets go back to your Pro debut. How did it feel fighting for Dana White’s Looking For a Fight and did you have the chance to meet him?

Jenny: I was so excited! I made my pro debut because of that show and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I stepped up a weight class, and had the upper hand until I didn’t transition in time. I got Matt Serra so pumped, he showed me what I should have done differently. I am not sure if Dana cared for me but I made friends in Matt and Din Thomas, which I am grateful for.

Roberto: When you’re not training, what are you doing to keep yourself busy these days during this Pandemic?

Jenny: I am always training. In fact I am training more than I ever have since switching gyms; so much more technique than I deserve. Toby Imada of Gamebred took me under his wing and has been getting me sharp. I’ve already competed in a NAGA tournament and placed gold, and I’ve fought recently in Montana for Fusion Fight League. I had lost due to a cut and stopped by the ref with less than 30 seconds left. It happens I guess (laughs).

Roberto: What advise would you give to a female fighter that wants to fight.

Jenny: Surround yourself with a team who has your best interest in mind. You don’t have to get into shape to begin and you do not have to impress any one but you. Be sure your team includes you and wants to see everyone succeed but if you find yourself alone, never give up. Look to the ones who over came it all and do what they did. Your worth in this sport is not determined by your popularity. All you need in your corner sometimes is GOD.

Roberto: Jenny, thank you so much for the opportunity. Anyone or sponsors you want to give a shout out to the floor is yours.

Jenny: I just want to thank my Team at Gamebred, Matthew Daniels with Zurvita and Love, Blood and Ink. Thank you to BKFC for this opportunity and Thank you Mr. Villa for this interview again.


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