Jessy Ebrecht WAKO Team USA Fighter to Make His K1 Debut Against Peter John Duoc

FightBook MMA sat down with the new and improved, well known, Iowan. Jessy Ebrecht will make his WAKO Team USA-Iowa/Team Intensity debut vs Peter John Duoc, this Friday evening In Des Moines first ever WAKO Kickboxing event. Jessy a very versatile, very experience Iowan became part of the teams a couple months ago.He was schedule to fight in columbia for Team USA shortly after this Nov 9 event, but that Columbia event has been cancelled but has been rescheduled for May, 2019. Until then Jessy will focus his sights on a WAKO event possibly in Wisconsin, before the May, Columbia fight.

Jessy during his long fighting career has taken some solid fighters the distance in entertaining performances, considering he has struggled with training consistently, as most of us face a certain times, even though its with subjects we love. Training or not, Jessy is known for always wanting to fight. It’s just in his blood. With consideration of this history, Jessy informed me that he has put the best training intensity and consistently in, combined with a great gym that has worked hard polishing his skill. This event will have a completely different scoring system, and will be scored on strikes landed, and where on the body those shots are landed vs aggressiveness, cage control etc, and there will be no takedowns. This Card will be all stand up action for those unaware/unfamiliar. This will be a WAKO K1 Kickboxing Sanctioning body over seeing this event, and will have WAKO’s Media, refs, and scoring system in place. Strikes landed and where, will be counted as accumulated point scoring. As a result Jessy explained it’s completely different style of fighting/scoring than what he was accustomed to previously to WAKO. He stated for which he has worked hard for, to adapt and perform well.

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Flashback to summer 2018. This whole WAKO Team USA thing all got started by a respectful “call out” of Ebrecht by Iowan, Duoc. Jessy appearing not to take it to well, quickly made some calls, then accepted days later. Posting on facebook, basically that Duoc picked the wrong guy to call out, why, and more or less how it will end up. Last I spoke with Duoc he informed me the “call out” was only a fight that he wanted back, from the past, that was cancelled last minute (no fault to either fighter, it was a promoter complication I found out later). Nothing more. Peter known for some strong right kicks, leaves me wondering if he has prepared any differently, since Jessy has majorly upgraded his training with a different gym for this fight.

Jessy got started fighting as result of a difficult childhood, leaving him in foster care, which lead commonly to some anger issues and garbage in his head. He looked to competing as a outlet to sort some things out within him, and to find some meaning, or minimally, some relief. To this day he has no relationship with his biological parents. Those close to Jessy know his story much. Jessy is a level headed guy, with a great demeanor.

Jessy expressed he has received much training from well known D1 wrestler, undefeated MMA fighter, World Class WAKO Kickboxer (undefeated in the United States) Jerome Ward at Team Intensity now a firefighter and coach. Nate Weitzel is Jessy’s head coach.

Duoc: “Well I have been training with Brian Green. I have been picking up a lot of great techniques to show on Friday. As for Jessy, I want this to be a great fight for both of us. He brings his A game, and I bring mine. I have nothing but respect for Jessy. Looking forward to this match.

Article By: Cameron Chrisp (FightBookMMA, MMA Power Hour, Iowa Beat Down)

Event Date: Nov. 9, 2018

Location: Val Air Ballroom/Des Moines, Iowa

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