John Douma: “I’m The Real Thing”

Lincoln, R.I. (Sun, March 18, 2018)– Top New England featherweight prospect John Douma spoke with FightBookMMA before he tries to improve to 3-0 at CES 49 on April 6 in Lincoln, R.I.

How do you feel about being 2-0?

It feels good. Everything is going as planned, as far as you can have a plan. Things are going according to plan.

What are your goals for this year?

To remain undefeated. I’m going to try to get into the top ten rankings and win all of the fights I get lined up. A lot of people ask me what my goals are, number one is always to get into the UFC, but number two is to win the next fight. That’s it. Just to stay undefeated.

Where would you be as a fighter without Tri-Force?

I probably wouldn’t be a fighter if it weren’t for Tri-Force. That was the first place I started and I connected with all of the coaches and staff right away. I found a home there. That’s a big part of why I fight. Just because it’s my home.

We mostly see the more established fighters from Tri-Force, how does it feel to be on the cutting edge of this new generation of Tri-Force fighters?

It’s cool. It can be weird to see myself as one of the upper guys, bringing up these new guys who are so good. It’s cool because we’re moulding in our way – the way that we show them how to do things. The guys at the amateur level and just starting out are doing so well. It’s nice to be able to show those guys the way – how we do it.

Is this fight going to be on AXS TV?

Good question, I don’t know. But, it doesn’t matter to me, though. It’s cool – it’s definitely way cooler to be on TV, but it’s a numbers game for me – I’m here to be in the UFC. Being on TV isn’t going to help my case as much as getting the next win. Just keep on winning, winning, and winning and the rest of it will come.

What kind of statement do you want to make on April 6?

I want to show people that I’m still improving and that I really am the real deal. There are a lot of guys getting pushed, saying the right things, talking the right way – they get pushed more. I’m here to show them that I’m here because I’m a good fucking fighter. I’m the real thing.

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