John Kavanagh keeps promise, poses with I Love Dagestan shirt after BRAVE CF 54

Konin, Poland – World-class coaches John Kavanagh and Eldar Eldarov made a bet before the Blaine O’Driscoll vs Muhammad Mokaev fight, and Eldarov was happy to charge Kavanagh after seeing his protege Mokaev finish O’Driscoll at BRAVE CF 54.

Using his social networks, Mokaev and Eldarov used a photoshopped picture of John Kavanagh wearing a I Love Dagestan shirt which the coach happily reposted in order to keep his side of the bet. The Irishman was a good sport about it, thanking Eldar and Muhammad for not making him wear a I Love England shirt.

While posing with O’Driscoll, Eldarov, and Mokaev, Kavanagh also made it a point to congratulate His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa on his birthday, and BRAVE CF for completing five years of groundbreaking events around the world.

”Congratulations to Muhammad Mokaev on a great win for BRAVE CF. He fased the best Blaine O’Driscoll to date, overcame some difficult situations, and got the win. Well done also to KHK MMA team and coach Eldar Eldarov on a successful night. Happy Birthday to Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa and BRAVE CF, it’s been a great five years. As with our bet, I will wear my ”I love Dagestan” t-shirt, I’m just glad they didn’t insist on a ”I love England” t-shirt”, the coach playfully commented.

Aside from Muhammad Mokaev, KHK MMA also earned monumental wins, and earned another belt at BRAVE CF, with Ahmed Amir becoming the new Lightweight champion with a hard-earned win over Amin Ayoub, and Axel Sola improving to 2-0 as a pro after a huge amateur career, with a victory over Wawrzyniec Bartnik.


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