Jose Lugo tries to climb to 3-0 vs. Josh Ricci at CES 50

Before Jose Lugo (2-0) returns to action against Josh Ricci (5-0) in a battle of top flyweight prospects at CES 50 on June 15 in Lincoln, R.I., on AXS TV Fights, the up-and-coming Rhode Island 125-pounder spoke with FightBookMMA.

What do you take away from your most recent fight?

I changed my training a little bit because I had a lot of injuries going into that fight. I had to take time off training to make sure I was in good health for the fight. I had a fracture on my foot and my ligaments were inflamed and I could barely walk for a week and a half. I changed my conditioning up a bit because that’s how I got hurt. I was pulling muscles rather than getting stronger.

What did you learn in the fight itself?

To be honest, I ended up making a lot of mistakes in the first round. I learned about a lot of gaps that I was making in the beginning. My coach was really upset, so I worked more on my wrestling technique.

What does Josh Ricci bring to the table?

He’s a grinder. He’s used to going all rounds and most of his fights have gone the distance. He’s got pretty good cardio and that’s why he won most of his fights. He outgasses his opponents, stays on top, and submits him. That’s how he wins.

What’s the most likely outcome to this fight?

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Either a finish in the second round or a decision in the third.

How many times would you like to fight in 2018?

Three to four times. Depending on how my body is doing and if I stay in good health.

Do you have any flyweights in your sights after this fight?

Whoever Jimmy and Pat want me to fight. Eventually I’m going to end up fighting all of them. Hopefully somebody at a higher rank than the guy I’m fighting. He’s one of the top ranked New York fighters and I’m not trying to go down. Whoever’s next after Ricci.


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