Kadimagomaev and Babaev Take The Riverly To Instagram After BRAVE CF 52 Bout Cancelation

Milan, Italy – Unforeseen events are always around the corner in the world of Mixed Martial Arts and can affect scheduled fights in a multitude of ways. For Husein Kadimagomaev and Agshin Babaev, such an unexpected mishap came in the form of a visa expedition issue for Babaev, who then became unable to make it to the August 1st event in Italy. 

Despite the fight cancelation, though, both Kadimagomaev and Babaev seem determined to not move on from their plans and made it clear to the public by maintaining the hostilities going on through their social media channels. 

“Even if Babaev doesn’t receive his visa I will go where he doesn’t need a visa and I will smash him, just send me the location”, Kadimagomaev said, being immediately replied by the Azerbaijani. 

“Don’t talk a lot, It’s not my fault what happened but I will come for your head soon”. 

The two did not stop there. “You may be hungry but it will be difficult for you inside the BRAVE CF Arena when I’ll show all I got”, Babaev continued. “I’m waiting for this fight to happen and everything will be cleared once we step into the cage”.

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Kadimagomaev agreed with the proposal of rescheduling the fight for a future date. “I don’t wanna do it the easy way, I want to fight only the best. And trust me, it’ll be a hard night for you, bro”. 

Now the expectation begins to see if BRAVE CF will reschedule the duel or if both men move on to other opponents, although they seem more willing than ever to face off.

Without Kadimagomaev vs Agshin, BRAVE CF 52 moves on with several enticing bouts on August 1st, in Milan, Italy. The event, held in association with The Golden Cage will be headlined by the Light Heavyweight title fight between Mohammed Fakhreddine and Mohamed Said Maalem.


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