Kansas Oklahoma Gold Gloves Recap and Results

The stage was set Saturday night for Kansas and Oklahoma to go head to head in the Kansas Oklahoma Gold Gloves. The best gyms sending the best fighters to represent their respective state and getting the winners one step closer to qualifying for the national gold gloves tournament. FightBook MMA was in attendance as our correspondent Arlow Jumper was covering this event.

Match 1 75lbs
David Garcia (Cuevo De Guerreros) vs Brandon Noriega (Mallndrin)

Action-packed Round 1 one both fighters came to get it. Two action fighters a lot of big fast punches. What a 3rd Round fight! These two youngsters have a bright future. David Garcia takes the Split Decision.

Match 2 115lbs
Andres Torres (Ring of Hope) vs Isia Morales (Villa)

In an extremely hard-fought first Round, a lot of big shots landed from both fighters. Where Torres got his nose bloodied. Torres possible broken nose keeps getting the fight stopped so doctors can look at it. The bloody nose slowed Torres punch output. Torres doesn’t answer the bell to start the beginning of the 3 Round. Morales wins by abandonment.

Match 3 125lbs
Elayna Rowe (Engine Room) vs Erica Collins (Elliz Boxing)

In a very technical Round 1 that really could have gone either way. Round 2 was a landslide by Rowe that lead to two standing eight counts. Round 3 was more from Rowe that landed Collins in a standing eight. Ultimately Rowe’s speed and head movement was too much for Collins to handle. Rowe wins Unanimous Decision.

Match 4 154lbs
Keke Ward (Ring of Hope) vs Daniel Russell (Sims Boxing)

Action-packed rnd1 that seen Russell pushing the action with Ward working some very technical countering. Both landing fast and big shots. It’s going to be a battle of endurance. Round 2 seen Ward punch output drop he’s looking a little tired. Ward gets a standing eight in Round 3 from an onslaught of punches by Russell. Russell wins via Split Desicion.

Match 5 120lb
Daniel Becerra (Engine Room) vs Tremale Neal (Ring of Hope)

Tough Round 1 that seen Becerra pushing the fight with big heavy shots in bunches. Neal landed some effective counter punches. Becerra landed the bigger shots again those big shots looked to wear on Neal a little more in Round 2. Becerra takes the Unanimous Decision.

Match 6 125lbs
Pedro Lopez (Engine Room) vs Edgar Trejo (Rival Boxing)

Trejo’s reach seemed to give Lopez trouble in Round 1. Both fighters ended the Round with big flurries. Lopez closed the distance better in Round 2 and landed some big punches and combinations not taking anything away from the slick Trejo who landed some big right hands. Big Round 3 from both fighters. They both wanted it neither fighters can leave disappointed. Trejo wins a close Majority Decision.

Oklahoma State Silver Gloves
Match 7 119lbs
Miguel Gayton (The Engine Room) vs Rocky Hernandez (Azteca Boxing)

Gayton pushed the fight with big shots and combinations. Gayton’s power seemed to bother Hernandez at times. Gayton landing some big shots in Round 2 where it started to show wear on Hernandez. Hernandez looked better in the 3 Round using movement to not letting the heavy-handed Gayton set to throw blows but it was too little too late Gayton takes the UD victory.

Match 8 138 lbs
Yoan Alvarado (Diamond Ring) vs Josue Nunez (Cuevo De Guerreros)

Nunez with a big 1st Round. Landing some big right hands off of Alvarado’s wide hooks. Nunez speed, power, movement, and combination throwing appear to be a lot for Alvarado to handle. Alvarado looked better in the 3rd as Nunez movement slowed and punch output slowed down. Nunez takes the Unanimous Decision.

Match 9 125lbs Miguel Gonzalez (The Engine Room) vs Jacob Venegas (Malandrin)
Action-packed Round 1 Gonzalez and Venegas both land a lot of shots. Gonzalez came out with more punches on this round and head movement bothered Venegas. Venegas still came to get it with the bigger punches. Big round for both fighters Gonzalez finally started using his height and Venegas finally started using his head movement ending the Round with a big exchange from both fighters. Venegas fights his way to a Majority Decision.

KOGG Regional Novice Division

Match 10 124 Novice
Jamie Noyola (Zurdo Boxing) vs Shamari Mitchel (KO Boxing)

Round 1 dominated by the slick elusive Mitchell. Mitchell seemed to be a little more tired to start the 2nd Round as his movement was not there and stood flat-footed with Noyola. Round 3 more non-movement from Mitchell and more of Noyola taking advantage of Mitchell standing in front of him. Noyola fights his way to a Split Decision victory.

Match 11 132lbs Novice
Hakeem Eli Juwon (Warrior Boxing) vs Gujju Reddy (KO Boxing)

Hakeem’s power is bothered Reddy who looked hurt twice at the end of the Round getting a standing 8 count as the Round was coming to a close. Round 2 more of Hakeem’s power dropping Reddy with a body shot. Reddy escaped the Round. Hakeem closes the show in devastating fashion KO’ing Reddy in the first minute of the 3rd Round.

Match 12 152lb Novice
Keigan Stephenson (Azteca Boxing) vs Bryant Salas (KO Boxing)

Salas dictated the fight in Round one out working Stephenson. Salas work output was slower in Round 2 and Stephenson used it to his advantage landing some big shots. Salas continued to look tired and stand and trade with Stephenson in an action-packed Round 3. Stephenson took the Split Decision victory.

KOGG Regional Open Division

Match 13 152 Open
Carlos Hernandez (Azteca Boxing) vs Dominic Thomas (Villa Boxing)

Hernandez started to figure out Thomas’s movement toward the end of the Round and landing some big shots. Wow, an action-packed Round 2 I’m glad I’m not a judge. Both fighters fought hard and going for it every time. These two put it all on the line every Round. Both fighters throwing hard shots and punches in bunches. Hernandez fights his way to a Unanimous Decision.

Match 14 165 Open
Karlos Lizarraga (The Engine Room) vs Darius Bryant (Valor Boxing)

A very tough technical Round 1. That seen the classic puncher vs boxer. Lizarraga’s power and body shots starting to show and take it’s toll as Bryant stopped moving and being a stagnant target for him. Lizarraga power kept slowing Bryants output the whole time. Lizarraga fights his way to a UD victory.

Match 15 178 Open
Bryce Edwards (Diamond Boxing) vs Aaron Hernandez (Southwest Boxing)

Round 1 seen When Edwards used his movement he was effective but would stand still too long and let the heavy-handed Hernandez brawl with him. Round 2 Edwards finally let his hands go at the end of the round. When Hernandez decides to come inside the bullrushes not stopping him to get there. Edwards big right hand that possibly broke Hernandez nose change the whole intensity from Hernandez. Edwards takes the SD victory.

Match 16 201+lbs Open
Pablo Porras (Rival Boxing) vs Tahj Abdul-Malick (Valor Boxing)

Porras output is out working the counter punching of Malick. Porras hand speed, power, and combinations seem to be bothering Malick as he seems to be waiting on one big shot. Porras output dropped in the 3rd as he looked tired and Malick took full advantage of it letting his hands go more in this close fight. Porras takes the UD.

The night was full of great fights, seeing many fighters moving on and leaving many looking to next year. Every fighter fought hard and the evening did not disappoint these young men and women will put these two states back on the map for boxing with their bright promising careers.


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