Karate Combat Evolution Results: Edgars Skrivers Wins Golden Belt in First Ever Title Fight

The first event at KC-1 was full of spectacular bouts, knockouts and upsets, but the Main Event delivered, with Edgars “The Bearslayer” Skrivers stunning win of the league’s first title fight; Replays at karate.com

KC-1, Location Undisclosed (September 22, 2019): Karate Combat: Evolution presented 10 thrilling fights featuring top men and women from 17 countries. The Main Event was the promotion’s first ever title fight, a battle for the Golden Belt. Edgars “The Bearslayer” Skrivers of Latvia beat Luiz “Pitbull” Rocha of Brazil for the lightweight title. Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice did commentary during a production that was both an homage and a send up of early 80’s martial arts video games. All fights are available in replays on demand at karate.com .

“It started slow,” said Bas Rutten. “But boy, we finished with some really great fights! Edgars Skrivers? Who are they gonna find to fight him? What a great fighter!”

Skrivers beat Rocha on a TKO after a relentless drive over three rounds. His performance more than justified the pre-fight video clip portraying him as the Latvian legend “The Bearslayer” in vintage 8-bit splendor.

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The Co-Main event saw Joshua “The Preacher” Quayhagen of Lake Charles, Louisiana win by decision in an upset over Dionicio “El Capitan” Gustavo of the Dominican Republic. Both were also given the 8-bit video game treatment with a Quayhagen talking about a Russian sensei who told him that striking an opponent was a way of healing him, and Gustavo telling a moving account of fighting with milk cartons for gloves in the streets of Santo Domingo.

On the rest of the main card, Abdalla Ibrahim of Egypt (currently training in New York City) beat Davy Dona of France on decision; Sahin Atamov of Azerbaijan knocked out Jorge Perez of the Dominican Republic; Spain’s Igor de Castenada beat Hungary’s Zsolt Habda on decision; Venezuela’s Omaira Molina beat Algeria’s Nadege Ait Ibrahim on decision; Velmir Jeknik of Serbia won against Andrei Grinevich on decision; Fernando Moreno Paz of Spain knocked out Alexandre Bouderbane of France; Ana Luiza Ferriera da Silva of Brazil beat Sweden’s Stephanie Kaup on decision; and Mohamed Salem Mohamed got a TKO against Russia’s Sergey Reshilov.


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