Karate Combat Hosts First-Ever Sports Event Atop The Freedom Tower in New York City

NEW YORK– Karate Combat, the first mainstream, professional, full-contact karate league, announced the date and location for its next event, Karate Combat: One World. The fight card, featuring Olympic-bound karateka from 12 countries, will live stream from the observation deck of One World Trade Center, also known as the Freedom Tower, in New York City on the evening of Sept. 27th, 2018. It’s the first-ever sporting event held at the top of the building, and sets a world record for the highest sports event from ground level.

“This fight is a celebration of everything karate stands for, at the top of one of the most meaningful buildings in the world,” said Michael DePietro, CEO of Karate Combat. “Strength. Respect. Unity. It’s the perfect way to introduce Karate Combat to New York City.”

Karate will make its Olympic debut at Tokyo in 2020 and excitement about the sport is rising. Nearly 20 million people in the U.S. practice karate and have had no professional league to support, watch, or aspire to join until now. Karate Combat’s rules and patent-pending fighting pit ensure non-stop action, and top karateka from all over the world are signing up.

Karate Combat: One World will be called by Bas Rutten and Sean Wheelock, with pit-side reporting by Phoenix Carnevale. The top of the card features New York City’s Abdalla Ibrahim vs. Pan-American champion Dionicio Gustavoof the Dominican Republic. The co-main event will have Greece’s Dimitris Triantafyllis vs. Luis Rocha of Brazil. Other fighters competing include Josh Quayhagen, of Louisiana, Elhadji “Black Magic” N’Dour of Brooklyn, Adham Sabry, a New Yorker originally from Egypt, and stars from Italy, Spain, Morocco, Hungary, Peru and Kyrgyzstan.

Karate Combat: One World will stream live at Karate Combat’s site karate.com, on its Android and iOS apps and new Roku channel, along with partners UFC Fight Pass, CBS Sports Live, DailyMotion, Dr. Oz’s CombatGO, FITE, YouTube, Pluto TV, Eleven Sports, Klowd TV, The Fight Network, and more. Three million people viewed Karate Combat’s Miamiand Athens events.

Karate Combat: One World Fight Card:

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Prelim #1

1) Teeik Silva Brazil -67kg vs. Edgars Skrivers Latvia -67kg

Prelim #2

2.) Gabriele Cera Italy -75kg vs. Fernando Moreno Paz Spain -75kg

Main Card:

3) Willians Quirino Brazil -75kg vs. Mohammed Hebbal Morocco -75kg

4) Pedro (Roman) Roig Spain -67kg Previously fought at Inception vs. Jesus Paucarcaja (Lopez) Peru -67kg

5) Andras Virag Hungary -84kg Previously fought at Inception vs. Adham Sabry USA (USA/Egypt) -84kg Previously fought at Inception

6) Jorge Perez Dom. Rep. -84kg vs. Spyros Margaritopoulos Greece -84kg Previously fought at Inception

7) Josh Quayhagen USA -75kg Prev fought at Genesis/Inception vs. Vitalie Certan Portugal -75kg

8) Elhadji Ndour USA/Senegal -93kg Prev fought at Genesis/Inception vs. Adilet Shadykanov Kyrgystan -93kg

9) Dimitrios Triantafyllis Greece -67kg vs. Luiz Rocha Brasil -67kg – Prev fought at Genesis

10) Abdalla Ibrahim USA (USA/Egypt) -75kg – Prev fought at Inception vs. Dionicio Gustavo Dom. Rep. -75kg – Prev fought at Genesis/Inception


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