Karate Combat: One World official results, photographs and video replay

Karate Combat: One World brings full contact karate to NYC atop One World Trade. Its Thursday, September 27th, 2018, and this native New Yorker has made his first trip to One World Trade. After 17 years, what brought me there was the promise of action-packed full contact Karate fights, featuring some of the best Karateka in the world, held at the Observatory, at the top of the building.

Karate Combat held their fourth event, Karate Combat: One World, for a small, invite only crowd. The night featured thrilling knockouts, and hard fought, close decisions.

Dionicio Gustavo bested Abdalla Ibrahim, in the main event. Ibrahim’s lighting quick countering dropped Dionicio momentarily in the first round. The second and third round were both very close, but Dionicio landed more clean shots, having adjusted for Ibrahim’s counters and being first on the attack. Both men raised their fists at the sound of the final gong expecting they had done enough to garner the win. Among the crowd, an argument could be found for either man being the victor, evidenced by the majority decision won by Dionicio.

The co-main event featured one of the prettiest TKO’s of the night. Luiz Rocha ended Dimitrios Triantafyllis’s night with a spinning back kick to the body that sent him crashing to the floor. Rocha took full advantage of the five seconds that the rule set allows you to operate on the ground. He landed heavy punches that hurt Dimitrios. As he got up staggering, the referee could see the fight was over and called it for Rocha.

Karate Combat awarded their Knockout of the Night to Jorge Perez for dispatching Spyros Margaritopolous. Jorge caught him with a thunderous, leaping left hand. The punch dropped Spyros, who valiantly made it back to his feet, while eating more shots. Only to find Jorge’s right hand waiting for him. The ref called the fight when Spyros hit the canvas this time.

Andras Virag had to dig deep in his fight against Adham Sabry. Sabry landed clean shots that staggered Virag several times. Virag started the second round with a cut on his cheek right under his eye. By the third Sabry was gaining confidence and opening up, but Virag was finding comfort in the pocket as well. With thirty seconds left in the fight Virag threw caution to the wind and threw a wide over hand right that connected with a loud pop and sent Sabry staggering back. The referee stopped the fight before Virag could take the full five seconds a fighter is allowed to land punches on the ground.

The night featured nine exciting bouts. You can find the full results below.

Karate Combat promised a spectacle. They teased the fulfilling of the dream that was born in many young kids in the 80’s. We grew up watching movies about underground Kumites, held at exotic locations, shrouded in mystery. The night delivered on all counts. I got to be one of the cool kids, Thursday night.

You can catch the full replay here:

If you’d like to learn more about Karate Combat, or any of their fighters, visit karate.com. The evening’s sponsor was Giphy, and it streamed live at karate.com and with many other distribution partners, including UFC Fightpass.
Check out some photos from the event below.

Main Event
Dionicio Gustavo defeats Abdalla Ibrahim

Co-main Event
Luiz Rocha defeats Dimitrios Triantafyllis via TKO

Elhadji Ndour defeats Adilet Shadykanov
Jorge Perez defeats Spyros Margaritopoulos via TKO

Josh Quayhagen defeats Vitalie Certan

Andras Virag defeats Adham Sabry

Pedro Roig defeats Jesus Paucarcaja Lopez


Fernando Moreno defeats Gabriele Cera

Edgars Skrivers defeats Teeik Silva

Photo Cover Credit: Sonder Marketing

Article/Photo Credit Below: Mozz Manzoor 

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