Karate Combat Results: Week 3

The Third Week of Karate Combat’s Second Season had three intense bouts. It was also our last week (for now) with Marshawn Lynch doing commentary with Bas Rutten, and our last week beamed in to Anger Wat. You don’t want to miss where Karate Combat lands next week. Meanwhile if you missed the card you can watch the event in the video above.

Vitalie “The Ninja” Certan (Portugal) beat Gabriel “Toughest Animal” Cera (Italy) by Unanimous Decision. Check out Certan’s spinning back kick to Cera’s head here:

Franklin “The Bullet” Mina (Ecuador) beat Calum “Braveheart” Robb (Scotland) by Unanimous Decision. Watch Mina’s amazing catch and counter against Robb here:

Mryza-Bek “The King ” Tebuev (Russia) beat Daniel “Black Diamond” Viveros (Ecuador) by Unanimous Decision (Bringing Tebuev’s Karate Combat record to 2-1, and potentially positioning him to take on Golden Belt champion Edgars Skrivvers soon) Watch him raining down punches against the slope-sided wall of the Fighting Pit here:


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