King Of The Cage Amateur Championships Winner Killian Estes Signs With FFC (Final Fight Championship)

In December of 2017, The Infamous Killian Estes had his toughest fight yet.  Opposite side of the cage against Matt Lively at the King Of The Cage World Amateur Championships in Reno.  On the line was a lot of money and a Pro Fight Contract.  Killian was able to sink in a rear naked choke at the 2:39 marker of the 1st round to get the win.  This fight was officially the last amateur fight for Killian Estes.  Killian went on to win $50,000 on the night through the fan votes.  

Top Rated MMA Owner Erik Allen caught up with Killian who recently signed with Final Fight Championship (FFC).  FFC has been around in Europe since 2013 and will be making their U.S. Debut on September 14th at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino where they just signed a multi-year fight deal with.  The venue at the Rio is appropriately called the “The Fight Dome”.

Back on December 9th you fought at the King Of The Cage World Amateur Championships in Reno.  You had a very tough opponent in Matt Lively, but were able to get the win to stay undefeated.  PLUS you earned a $50k check!  How has life been since you won that fight? 

– Killian Estes “Life has been great! I’ve been working a lot. I frame houses. I’m still a normal person, so bills are still required lol.” 

You recently signed a contract with Final Fight Championship (FFC), congratulations!  Will you be making your Pro Debut at their event on September 14th?

– Killian Estes “Our hopes are that we are on the September card. Just like any big promotion there’s tons of fighters being signed and tons of guys wanting in that first card including some UFC and Bellator Vets. So all we can do is keep training hard and hope we get the call.”

How did you get connected with FFC?

– Killian Estes “I got connected through a good friend Alan Joslin. He’s a promoter, a match maker, you name it, if it’s in the fight game, Mr. Joslin can do it.”

How many fights is your contract for?

– Killian Estes “There isn’t a set amount of fights but I can fight up to 6 times a year, and I can kickbox or do MMA.”

How can fans see your fights?  

– Killian Estes “I’ll be fighting in Las Vegas at the Rio. The fights will be aired on Live TV and don’t quote me but I’ve heard through the grapevine that it will be aired live on CBS as well as UFC Fight Pass!”

What type of sponsors are you looking for and what is the potential exposure they would get by teaming up with you?

– Killian Estes “I’m all about helping business’. I’m a business man, I like to make money, and I like to do business with people that like making money because I’ve made money for everyone that’s come up with me so far.”

It will be about 9 months since your last fight, do you believe in “ring rust” and do you think it will be a factor for you?

– Killian Estes “Only pussies get Ring Rust and I don’t believe I qualify for that category. There’s no such thing as excuses in this game. You’re either a fighter or your not, and hopefully in September I get to show you which one I am.”

Make sure you keep your eyes on Killian Estes as he makes his pro debut this year.  He will be dominating the cage once again soon!

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