Kooheji and Al Selwady trains at Extreme Studio Performance

Hamza Kooheji, the first professional Mixed Martial Artist from Bahrain is training alongside Abdul Kareem Al Selwady. The two of the most prolific fighters from the Middle East are being trained in the Extreme Studio Performance by Michael Scaccia. Michael has worked with several professional athletes such as Emmitt Smith, Keith Mitchell, Freddie Poole, Wes Bankston and more. He also trains a wide array of clients from NFL, NBA, MMA, PGA and professional baseball.

Selwady and Kooheji are set for a comeback in Brave Combat Federation. Selwady was scheduled to face Erik Carlsson at Brave 13 hosted in Belfast. However, he was forced to withdraw due to a fracture he suffered on his hand. Kooheji will also be making a comeback. Kooheji fought for the first time in featherweight division which is above his weight category and wasn’t successful against Khalid Taha.

The recent developments have hinted both the athletes focused on making a comeback. Eldar Eldarov had stated during his victory speech during Brave 12 hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia that in the upcoming bout he will be by the cage side of Hamza Kooheji and the team will train harder to make sure that Bahrain’s first professional MMA fighter will be victorious.

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