KSW 42 Weigh-In Results + Replacement Fight

Fighters weighed-in this morning ahead of KSW 42 tomorrow night at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland. All fighters made weight including those involved in both KSW title fights.

There was also a last minute change to the card as Ireland’s Chris Fields could not make it out of the country due to adverse weather conditions in Ireland which forced airlines to cancel flights for a number of days. Germany’s Hatef Moeil (4-3) has stepped in to replace Fields against Marcin Wojcik (10-5) in a contest which will now be fought at heavyweight.

The main event is a Champ vs. Champ Superfight between KSW middleweight champion Mamed Khalidov (34-4-2) and KSW light heavyweight champion Tomasz Narkun (14-2).
KSW 42 is available to watch live around the world via online PPV at www.KSWTV.com. 

Weigh-In Results and final running order:

Main Event Catchweight – 92.0 kg:
Mamed Khalidov (92kg) vs. Tomasz Narkun (92kg)
Co-Main Event Middleweight – 83.9 kg:
Michał Materla (84.4kg) vs. Scott Askham (83.9.kg)
Lightweight Title Fight – 70.3kg:
Mateusz Gamrot (70.3.kg) vs. Grzegorz Szulakowski (70.2kg)
Women’s Flyweight Title Fight – 56.7kg:
Ariane Lipski (56.7kg) vs. Silvana Gomez Juarez (56.4kg)
Light Heavyweight – 95.0kg: Łukasz Jurkowski (94.2kg) vs. Martin Zawada (94.7kg)
Heavyweight – 120.0kg: Marcin Wójcik (99kg) vs. Hatef Moeil (118.2kg)
Women’s Flyweight – 56.7kg: Karolina Owczarz (56.9kg) vs. Paulina Raszewska (57.2kg)
Featherweight – 65.8kg: Filip Wolański (65.7kg) vs. Bartłomiej Kopera (66.3kg)
Welterweight – 77.1kg: Krystian Kaszubowski (77.4kg) vs. Chris Henze (76.9kg)


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