KSW 45 Live Results & Links To Watch

KSW returns to London today 6th October & brings with it one of the biggest shows in the world not just Europe.  In the main event we have two titles on the line.  The co-main will see  Dricus Du Plessis vs. Robert Soldic II for the Welterweight Championship, they the big boys come out to play. In the main event Phil De Fries will face Karol Bedorf for the Heavyweight Championship .

Begin times: LA – 10am, NY – 1pm, Rio – 2pm, London – 6pm, Warsaw – 7pm, Tokyo – 2am, Sydney 3am


KSW always bring more than just great match ups & fights they bring a show case that rivals some of the biggest promotions in the world.

You can order and watch the full card live vis this link for as little as 10 Euro (absolute bargain) :


Check the full card below and keep your eyes open for the LIVE RESULTS.


Heavyweight Title:
Phil De Fries (263lbs/119.5kg) vs. Karol Bedorf (260lbs/117.9kg)
Winner via Sub in Rd2 Phil De Fries

Welterweight Title:
Dricus Du Plessis (170lbs/77.1kg) vs. Roberto Soldic (170lbs/77.1kg)
Winner via KO & New Welterweight Champion Roberto Soldic Rd3

Erko Jun (224lbs/101.6kg) vs. Popek Monster (259lbs/117.4kg)
Winner Via TKO in Rd 2 Erko Jun

Middleweight Tournament:
Michał Materla (186lbs/84.4kg) vs. Damian Janikowski (186lbs/84.4kg)
Winner via TKO in Rd 1 Michał Materla

Middleweight Tournament:
Marcin Wójcik (186lbs/84.3kg) vs. Scott Askham (185lbs/84kg)
Winner via KO Scott Askham in Rd1

James McSweeney (248lbs/112.7kg) vs. Thiago Silva (223lbs/101.1kg)
Winner via unanimous decision Thiago Silva

Wagner Prado ( 223lbs/101.1kg) vs. Lukasz Parobiec (232lbs/105.5kg)
Winner Via KO is Wanger Prado Rd 1

Light Heavyweight:
Akop Szostak (203lbs/92.1kg) vs. Jamie Sloane (206lbs/93.5kg)
No Contest due to unintentional strike ( eye poke)
Leszek Krakowski (155lbs/70.4kg) vs. Alfie Davis (156lbs/70.6kg)
Winner via Split Decision Leszek Krakowski

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