KSW 47 Early Weigh-In Results & Live Stream of Ceremonial Weigh In


All fighters weighed-in earlier today ahead of KSW 47 tomorrow, March 23 at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland.

All but one fighter made weight and the card is set at nine professional contests including the main event title fight between heavyweight champion Phil De Fries and light heavyweight champion Tomasz Narkun.

The public weigh-ins, complete with live band, take place today at 6pm CET/1pm ET from the Atlas Arena and will be streamed below (Once available)

KSW 47 is available to watch live around the world on www.KSWTV.com.

KSW 47 Weigh-In Results

Heavyweight Title
Main Event
Champion Phil De Fries (116.7kg/257lb) vs. Tomas Narkun (104.4kg/230lb)

Co-Main Main Event
Mariusz Pudzianowski (116.6kg/257lb) vs. Szymon Kolecki (102.4kg/226lb)

Borys Mankowski (77.5kg/171lb) vs. Norman Parke (77.1kg/170lb)

Satoshi Ishii (109.4kg/241lb) vs. Fernando Rodrigues Jr. (113.9kg/251lb)

Damian Janikowski (84.3kg/186lb) vs. Aleksandar Ilic (84.4kg/186lb)

Marcin Wrzosek (66.2kg/146lb) vs. Krzysztof Klaczek (66.3kg/146lb)

Karolina Owczarz (56.9kg/125lb) vs. Marta Chojnoska (57kg/126lb)

Bartlomiej Kopera (70.7kg/156lb) vs. Maciej Kazieczko (70.8kg/156lb)

Dawid Gralka (*62.7kg/138lb) vs. Pawel Politylo (61.4kg/135lb)

*missed weight, fined 30%