Las Vegas, NV: LFA has signed an international distribution deal with FIGHT GLOBE to distribute its content to the international public as announced by the industry leader for independent distribution of MMA and kickboxing content. FIGHT GLOBE will distribute LFA’s content outside of the United States and Canada, allowing an international audience to experience MMA in its purest form.

“I am excited to announce the partnership between LFA and FIGHT GLOBE,” stated Ed Soares, CEO of LFA. “LFA is the world’s #1 premier developmental organization in MMA and FIGHT GLOBE is one of the world’s largest independent distributors of MMA content. This will help grow the LFA brand on a global scale, while giving our fighters worldwide visibility.”

FIGHT GLOBE is a worldwide leader for the distribution of MMA and kickboxing content with offices located in The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia. It owns, manages, and distributes television media rights with a sterling reputation among sports federations, promoters, and rights holders from around the world. FIGHT GLOBE represents some of the most influential combat sports events from all over the globe.

“We are very excited for this new partnership with LFA,” stated Sabine Kesseler, CEO of FIGHT GLOBE. “LFA is one of the Top MMA promoters in the United States with a great roster of professional fighters. Plus, their event production is always on point and we are very proud to work with them.”


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