Lilian Dikmans Behind the Scenes 5: Champion

Episode 5 of Behind the Scenes with Lilian Dikmans features the Australian model and Muay Thai fighter from Melbourne, Victoria during the photoshoot for Champion SS19 Sport campaign in Sydney, New South Wales. The campaign was filmed in June. The video hit the stream this week.

Lilian Dikmans (3-0-1) has become the first Australian model to compete in Muay Thai simultaneously. Alongside Dikmans, the new Champion campaign features Brodie Pawson. The parkour practitioner from Brisbane is known for his appearance in Australian Ninja Warrior.

In August Lilian Dikmans appeared in the Maybelline New York: Generation Fluid campaign, which covers her three simultaneous careers of a model, lawyer and Muay Thai fighter. Earlier she featured in various TVCs for internationally renowned brands, including Ford Motor Company, Kmart, Sony, among others.

The previous “Behind the Scenes with Lilian Dikmans” featured an Infrared Sauna experience. Other clips are available on FIGHTMAG channel on YouTube, which also include full fight videos, Muay Thai training clips, event highlights and more.

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About Lilian Dikmans:
Lilian Dikmans from Melbourne, Australia is a model, lawyer, Muay Thai fighter and founder of Real Food Healthy Body.

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