Logan Crowley eyes Valor Fights title shot after Knoxville scrap

Before Logan Crowley is back in action at Valor 50 on June 9 in Knoxville, the hard-hitting up-and-coming lightweight chatted with FightBookMMA.

LC – How did you find MMA in the first place?

I think it started way back, when I was ten years old. My dad and I had to go to Movie Gallery to rent a VHS of UFC 1 and so forth. My love and interest in it started back before it hit the mainstream. I started boxing when I was about sixteen and we were doing well at it. We just never competed. Life catches up to you. I was really looking to get into something last year and just didn’t find the right moment or the right place to train or anything and decided to sign up this year to see where it went. To see if I could compete at this level.

How do you feel about what you’ve accomplished so far?

I’m very surprised, really. I had a lot of friends who believed in me. I’ve always been an athlete – always running and working out, you know. I figured that I’d take my first fight and see where I stood. To see if I could hold up to some of these guys and maybe I could compete. Once we got three and it was a big challenge. The ball started rolling from there.

What’s it like when you step in that cage? Is there anything you can compare it to?

I’ve done a lot. I’ve played all of the sports you could imagine. I try to compete at everything. From motorcycle racing to drag racing. It’s up there. It’s one of the biggest adrenaline rushes you could ask for – walking out with everyone screaming and yelling. All the lights are on you. It feels good.

Next weekend – knockout, submission, three round war? How do you see this fight playing out?

I think all three are distinct possibilities. He’s the most experienced I’ve fought. I’m definitely going to look for a knockout – I like to stand up and throw hands. If it goes to the ground, I’m very confident there. The little bit that I do know with my strength will help me out if it goes there.

What are your current goals in MMA?

As far as I know, the amateur lightweight title at Valor is vacant. I think if I get through this next weekend with a win, I think that I and somebody else could be prospects for that vacant title. I’m going to see if we can’t accomplish that.

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