Loman inspire Philippines after defending his championship

Stephen Loman has officially met the officials and community leaders from the City of Baguio after defending his world championship title at Brave 18 held during the Brave International Combat Week 2018 in Bahrain. Loman was invited to meet the officials and community leaders in an initiative to develop unity and understanding about working together for the common good of their constituents.

The achievement by Stephen Loman to become the longest reigning world champion at Brave Combat Federation was appreciated and the Team Lakay Fighter was hailed for being an inspiration and role model to the children and youth. Earlier, Stephen Loman had visited the Turning Point Orphanage & Shelter in Tuding, Philippines. The world champion from Philippines met the Founder Ely Sebiano and joined the dinner alongside the children and the officials.

Brave Combat Federation has hinted that the youngest world champion in the organisation will return during the event that will be hosted in Philippines in 2019 to defend the championship. After the major win at Brave 18 where Loman dominated Efrain from Brazil, Khabib Nurmagomedov handed Loman the world championship title. Loman is also the first fighter from Philippines to successfully defend the championship in the United Kingdom.

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