Feb 15 the AFC and The Fight Series Pro MMA Champion returns the Des Moines area  for LFA’s first ever event in the Hawkeye state. Saldaña (12-6), a precision striker will challenge submission expert Carl Wittstock (10-4) Friday night at 7 Flags Event Center.

Saldaña won the Afc title in March 2018 knocking out  the Champion Will Shutt with a high kick in the first round, at the same location LFA 60 will take place. In May 2018 Saldana won the, The Fight Series 145 MMA title by retirement before the 3rd round began, over Ramiro Hernadez (10-6)  clearly showing obvious damage, with Saldana realizing he also broke his hand.

“When they were taking off my gloves I realized I had broken my hand, so I have not fought since May” (vs Hernandez) Saldaña stated.

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FightBook MMA caught up with Saldaña to get his comment, and catch up with him since he won his most recent pro MMA title. He trains at the MMA Lab in Arizona with well-known throughout the world, Iowan Johnny Case (UFC vet) who last fought winning, in Rizin last December.

“We’ve been training together about 5 or 6 years now. Johnny and I both moved to the MMA Lab at the same time. He lives in Vegas right now, but he is still considered part of the team. I used to train in Des Moines at Porcelli’s MMA Academy and Round Kick Gymwith Josh Neer. After that I just thought it was best for me to go Train with Killers (west coast region).”

FBMMA:  Give us your perspective on this promotion, and bout Friday night:

“It’s a great opportunity for me, It’s a big stage,and I could be on a 3 fight win streak after.”

Saldaña went to share his 2019 plan:

“In combination with improving consistency, focus on my goals,  a win Friday night, and continuing my win streak in 2019. Hopefully that will lead to a fight on Dana White’s Contender Series. That’s kinda the plan I’m looking forward to.”

FBMMA: Tell us your thoughts on your next opponent, Wittstruck  who is coming down a weight class for this fight:

“This bout will be at 145. From what I know He’s a 55’er and a brawler. After speaking with my coaches about him, they said let’s do it if he can make 145. I like the match up.”

FBMMA: What weight do you walk around at, and have you ever considered 135 out of curiosity?:

“Yes I have. I walk around at 160.  I’m already a thin guy, I’ve taken a couple fights at 155. Those guys are just too big, and I just think 135 would be to hard for me to make.”

Who is your sponsor who has been with you the longest?:

“John’s Tree Service (Des Moines area). They have been sponsoring me since the beginning of my fighting career.”

FBMMA: So, who sets up your fights?:  

“I don’t have a management company, I line up all my fights.”

FBMMA: Tell the fans who are unaware, where you were born, where you attended high school, and where you live now?:

“I was born in Des Moines, Iowa. I went to East High. I live in Glendale, Arizona now”

FBMMA: To help people get to know you even better and help them connect more, tell us what  the Champ likes to do in his free time:

“I like skateboarding, Hiking in the mountains, and just staying active.”

FBMMA: What do you think is going to happen during this fight?

“I feel like I’m going to get a TKO win. I’m going to be faster, more technical and my cardio will push me to victory.”

FBMMA: Last question: Tell your Iowan fans, friends, and MMA family when you will arrive in Des Moines and anyone you want to thank?

“I will arrive in Des Moines on Wednesday. Just wanna thank everyone that’s coming out to support, all my sponsors, and I hope everyone’s watching enjoys my performance!”

In closing, Saldaña is on a 2 fight win streak, winning 2 titles in his last 2 bouts, with Submission stud Wittstruck trying to get back into the win column after losing 3 in a row. This portion of the card will not be televised, So to witness this Striker vs Submitter contest, you will have to witness in person. Card and televised portion of LFA Des Moines card subject to change. To buy tickets under Luis Saldana’s name contact, or you can buy at the door (but not under Saldana’s name). Location is Seven Flags Event Center in Clive, Iowa (Des Moines Metro area) 2100 NW 100th st. 50325.

For more fight card info you can go to, or follow me at Cameron Chrisp on Facebook, Iowa Beat Down, and LFA 60 on Facebook.


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