Major League Wrestling: FUSION #132 Recap and Results

Grab your ten-gallon hats and get ready for the rodeo in Texas, MLW returns for Fusion episode #132. Cesar Duran has conjured up an exciting night of action for the MLW fans and a dangerous night for members of The Dynasty. In recent weeks, Duran has attacked the members of The Dynasty every way he could by kidnapping and brutal beat downs at the hands of his minions. Cesar Duran’s first match up will be Richard Holliday trying to dethrone the Caribbean Champion King Muertes, our second match of the evening features  “The Judge” EJ Nduka taking on Contra Unit’s assassin Ikuro Kwon and finally a “Falls count anywhere match” for the World Heavyweight Championship with Pagano taking on Alex Hammerstone. Love him or hate him, Duran has been giving us Pay Per View quality matches each week right here on MLW Fusion.

Caribbean Championship Match: Richard Holliday vs King Muretes(C)

In recent weeks, Richard Holliday has been one of Duran’s targets. Duran has been kidnapped himself while trying to help out Alicia Atout when she was taken just a month ago and now they are trying to feed Holliday to King Muertes. Holliday dressed up like a henchmen to save his friends Hammerstone, and now is time for his payback. Holliday doesn’t seem phased by Muertes, and is attacking with everything he has. Holliday took advantage where he could in this match up trying to keep the King grounded, but Muertes doesn’t stay down for long and begins a sadistic attack of his own. Muertes punishes Holliday’s spine with massive knees, and then punishes Holliday in the corner. Holliday is proving himself to the crowd in Texas by standing toe to toe with Muertes shifting the momentum of the match up in his favor. Holliday hits a picture perfect swinging neck breaker and appears he will be the next Caribbean Champion. The camera pans towards the ramp and the Azteca Henchmen come running out to the ring, another camera cut shows Hammerstone cleaning house in the back dispatching one henchman after another. One of the henchmen run into the ring with a chair but Holliday responds with a drop kick sending the henchman out of the ring, but King Muertes awakens off the apron to see Holliday not paying attention to him. Muertes grabs hold of Holliday and performs his “Straight To Hell” finishing move and finished off Holliday for the pin.

Winner: King Muertes

EJ Nduka vs Ikuro Kwon

Ikuro Kwon is set to appear before Judge Nduka here in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. Kwon is no match for the power that Nduka brings with him. Nduka carries Kwon around the ring like a paper doll smashing him into the turnbuckles. The Judge smashes the Contra Unit member with little to no effort and squashes Kwon like an ant. 2022 is going to be the breakout year for The Judge, and if he keeps dispatching his opponents with ease like he did here tonight, even Alex Hammerstone is in danger. After the match, Kwon gets on the stick and begins to call out ex-leader of Contra Jacob Fatu, Fatu comes down to the ring answering the call. Kwon is no match for the Samoan Werewolf, Fatu drops Kwon in the corner and then drapes his lifeless body on the table, the crowd erupts as Fatu hits a frog splash exploding the table into thousands of little pieces with Kwon laying motionless on the mat.

Winner: “The Judge” EJ Nduka

Heavyweight Championship Match: Pagano vs Alex Hammerstone

Hammerstone has been chomping at the bit to get after Pagano since MLW first arrived in Mexico, when Pagano turned on the champ helping Cesar Duran. The Mexican hardcore legend has a reputation for violence, and in this match is looking to put on a show for the fans in Dallas. Hammerstone begins the match showing off his freak strength, slamming Pagano to the mat with so much force the entire building shook. The way this match started out, it looked like it was going to be a squash match. Just when it appeared that this was going to be an easy night for the champ, Pagano takes the action outside the ring and grabs the weapons. The tide starts to turn as Hammerstone has been led into Pagano’s world of weapons and carnage. As the two battle outside, Pagano grabs a hold of wooden skewers looking to turn the Hammerstone into a shish kabob. The champ grabs the skewers from Pagano and stabs him in the scalp turning Pagano into a human dart board. As Pagano begins to pull out the skewers, Hammerstone grabs a ring board and places it in the corner looking to add to the damage. Pagano fires back and hits the champ with a back breaker, placing both knees behind the champs lungs making it hard for him to catch his breath. Both men head to the outside fighting amongst the crowd, and now here comes the chair. The two men battle for the chair looking to gain the advantage, Pagano jumps up to the ring apron and hits a missile drop kick not only hurting the champ but destroying his own back as his spine smashes against the edge of the ring. Like putting a baby in a highchair, Pagano sits Hammerstone down in the chair and delivers a knife edge chop to the chest of Hammerstone. Pagano runs as fast as he can off the ropes and to the outside only for Hammerstone to move and now Pagano is hurt. His back crashes off the steel chair and into the barricade, now Hammerstone has the advantage and covers only to get a two count. Once back in the ring, Hammerstone heads to the top rope hitting his infamous missile drop kick and putting Pagano through the ring board. As shards of broken wood disperse in the air, the Azteca Henchmen sprint down to the ring. Just like in Richard Holliday’s match, Duran wants to have the advantage of distraction to get the win. Hammerstone takes out the two henchmen with ease, but he doesn’t notice Pagano in the corner holding the broken board looking to strike. As more henchmen run down the ramp, Richard Holliday comes out swinging a baseball bat that would make Barry Bonds proud, hitting homeruns with the heads of the henchmen. As Pagano attacks, Hammerstone gets out of the way and hits Pagano with his famous Nightmare finisher and the match ends with a thunderous three count. What will El Jefe have in store for the Dynasty in the near future? We will find out in the weeks to come, right here on MLW Fusion


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