Major League Wrestling FUSION Recap And Results (4-14-22)

After being relieved of his duties by Ricky Steamboat due to an investigation, Cesar Duran returns to his seat as matchmaker, and it seems he’s breaking out the big guns to let the fans know he’s returned. Shazza McKenzie makes her debut tonight against Hollidead, the National Openweight Championship will be up for grabs when Alex Kane defends his belt against Myron Reed, ACH and Puma King and we also will have TJP taking on Matt Cross. Thursday night should be your new favorite night of the week because MLW always delivers the best for their loyal fans.

TJP vs Matt Cross

First up tonight we have Matt Cross taking on TJP, two competitors who know each other very well in the squared circle and look to get it on again for the MLW crowd. The match starts out with both men showing their technical skills giving the Dallas fans some exciting acrobatic moves that keeps them on the edge of their feet. TJP using his cerebral skills begins breaking down Matt Cross and hitting a sling shot swanton bomb. TJP playing to the crowd’s hatred, begins using his submission skills to further wear out Cross. TJP continues to anger the crowd by being cocky and raking his boots across Matt Cross’ face in the corner, but Matt Cross capitalizes on the opportunity and dives to the outside taking out TJP into the guard rail. Cross is now trying to build up steam by jumping up to the top turnbuckle to show off his world-renowned skills off the top rope but TJP manages to suplex him off the top. Both competitors are exhausted and fighting on blind instinct, both men countering multiple firemen’s carry attempts until TJP gets caught sleeping and Matt Cross hits a Star Press to get the pin victory.

Winner: Matt Cross

Hollidead vs Shazza McKenzie

In our next matchup we have the very scary Hollidead being accompanied to the ring by Dr. Dax and Gangrel, taking on Shazza McKenzie in her MLW debut. McKenzie is a 14 year pro and right from the start she is showing that her skills are second to none. Shazza went to the well one too many times with jumping off the top rope and was caught in mid air by Hollidead, introducing McKenzie’s skull to the turnbuckles. Hollidead is viciously stomping Shazza in the corner and then hanging her upside down in the corner stomping on her chest. Dr. Dax begins choking Shazza in the corner as Hollidead hits a double drop kick to Shazza’s head. Shazza now sees an opening in the match and finds a way to get her signature kicks to her opponents chest in, but it doesn’t seem to slow down Hollidead. Shazza showing she has extreme heart keeps kicking out of the pin attempts, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough as Hollidead hooks her Tamakaze finisher and pins the newcomer for the 3 count.

Winner: Hollidead
National Openweight Championship Match: ACH vs Puma King vs Myron Reed Vs TBA vs Alex Kane(C)

Earlier in the day, Alex Kane said he was unhappy with only having 3 competitors to beat, he wanted one more to show off his skills and prove that he is the best in the world. Cesar Duran has never backed down from a challenge before, so the 5th and final competitor for this match is none other than Big Juicy Finau. The 400 plus pound contender brings shock and awe to the other competitors in the ring, except for Alex Kane of course. As the match begins, all the wrestlers jump on Big Juice trying to take out the biggest threat, meanwhile Alex Kane powders out of the ring in true heel form letting the competitors hammer on each other while he sits fresh and waits. Right away, Big Juicy is just throwing these guys around like they’re just dolls. It takes the might of 3 competitors to get Juicy out of the ring, and now the high flying acrobatics can start with Reed, ACH and Puma King. Puma King notices that Alex Kane was sitting on the outside, and hits him with a flying cross body. ACH takes out Big Juicy and Puma King with flying cross body attacks as well, the action is wild on the outside, ACH really wants that openweight belt. ACH gets Alex Kane inside the ring and attempts to pin the champ, but Kane kicks out and rolls to the outside again. Big Juicy is now in the ring and throws ACH in a fireman’s carry when Myron Reed springs off the ropes trying to take out Juicy, but he’s now caught in a Fireman’s carry as well, Big Juicy has over 400lbs on his shoulders and slams both competitors on the mat. You can tell Jacob Fatu has been working with Finau because not only is he big, but he’s agile as well. With Myron Reed, Big Juicy and ACH on the outside, a man in a mask and hood comes out and takes out the Middleweight Champion Myron Reed, who is this guy and why is he going after Reed? In all the confusion, Puma King and Alex Kane are in the center of the ring, but Kane puts Puma King in a submission hold and retains his championship. I don’t know what to make what happened at the end of this match, but I can’t wait to see who that masked man was and why he chose to attack Myron Reed.

Winner: Alex Kane


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