Major League Wrestling Opera Cup Finals Davey Richards vs TJP Recap and Results

Major League Wrestling makes its return after a great Thanksgiving card to bring you the most prestigious tournament in Professional Wrestling The Opera Cup finale. The tournament took a very long hiatus but was returned in 2020 with winner “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and now Davey Richards or TJP will have their names etched forever along with legends like Stu Hart. The Opera Cup was donated to MLW by the Hart family, and the participants in this tournament gave everything they had for seven solid weeks to get to this moment, and now tonight we get to see who our new Opera Cup winner will be.

KC Navarro vs Warhorse Singles match

Leading off tonight’s action are two competitors who are looking to steal the spotlight with MLW newcomer KC Navarro taking on the metal head from the Midwest Warhorse. Navarro has come up short in his early matches with the organization but has put on a show with each match showing that he’s got what it takes to get it done here in MLW, and Warhorse is just a wild mad with tremendous charisma and an in-ring work rate that keeps the audience on its feet the entire match up. Both men come out showing amazing acrobatic moves and reversals. Warhorse being the crowd favorite keeps drawing power from the cheers of the crowd and his intense headbanging that would make former Metallica bass player Cliff Burton proud. Navarro going for headbutts now realizes that they aren’t doing much to slow Warhorse down, hits a reverse DDT but can’t get the pin as Warhorse kicks out at 2. Navarro drags Warhorse’s lifeless body to the center of the right, and now KC jumps to the top rope to hit a frog splash. At the last second Warhorse gets up, but Navarro has the reflexes of a cat and hits a forward roll and stands up to his feet and delivers a super kick that rocks Warhorse into the ropes. Navarro smelling blood like a shark in the water goes to attack, but Warhorse throws everything he has into a clothesline that sends Navarro’s head where his feet should be. Now in the corner, Warhorse looks to hit a move off the top rope but misses and he is able to land on his feet. Navarro hits him with a sunset bomb and looks for the cover but Warhorse kicks out at 2. Navarro heads to the corner waiting for Warhorse to get up, hits his finishing move The Jesus Piece, and gets the win by pinfall.

Winner KC Navarro

The Sea Stars vs Top Dogs

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Our second match up brings us Tag Team action in the Women’s Featherweight Division. Since the women’s division opened up The Sea Stars have brought some great attention to themselves as being a very tough tag team, but they will need to pull out all the stops tonight going against the Top Dogs. With the Dog’s being the bigger and stronger opponents, the Stars are going to have to use massive amounts of team work to bring in the win. From the start of the match the Top Dogs are just throwing the Stars around like they are just dolls, using classic old school tag team moves that would make the Road Warriors proud. Their size and strength appear to be too much to the point where it looks like they are just toying with the Sea Stars, until the Stars break up the momentum and begin working as a team. Using everything they have, the Stars are now suplexing the Top Dogs, dazing and confusing them until Ashley Voxx hits an impressive move off the top rope getting the pin for the Sea Stars extending their MLW winning streak.

Winner Sea Stars

The Opera Cup Finale Davey Richards vs TJP

After several weeks of the toughest tournament in Professional Wrestling, tonight is the night we have a new Opera Cup winner. “The American Wolf” Davey Richards is as determined as ever walking down the ramp, the look in his eyes tells you that tonight just has to be his night. Between all his years of wrestling and MMA, Davey has the look of a grizzled veteran but the moves of a cold, calculating killer. TJP comes down to the ring as cocky as ever, feeling as though being the younger competitor means he will be the better competitor in the end. Both men lock up and start chaining moves together, countering but neither one gaining the upper hand. Richard’s trying to use his jiu-jitsu training, spinning to his back looking to get ahold of TJP’s legs. TJP remembers his early loss to Richards and appears to have studied Richards and gets out of the way having to make Richards pull out everything in his bag of tricks to try getting the upper hand. Both men keep going for shoulder submissions showing off their amazing grappling skills and elusive moves that look like this match is right out of a Luchador handbook. Holding TJP’s head with his legs, Richards seems to be wearing his opponent down, until TJP slips free and hits an amazing bridge on Richards, straining Davey’s knees. TJP now has the momentum with that opening, holding Richards in the corner griding his kick pad in Davey’s face. Richards begins to get angry and uses that fury to reverse the move throwing TJP into the ropes, but TJ hits Davey with a low drop kick to the knee and Davey rolled out to the outside grabbing his knee in extreme pain. Now both men are on the outside and TJP is just taunting Richards and the crow letting his arrogance shine through. Richard’s is trying to get his wits about him running around the outside, until he could get back into the ring but TJP pounces on Davey’s knee. TJP beings to set up a figure 4 leg lock and locks it in place having Richard’s screaming in pain appearing that TJP might just win the Cup.  With a last ditch effort, Richards rolls over and reverses the lock forcing TJP to reach out to the bottom rope. Richard’s can barely stand on his legs now from all the punishment but he’s fighting like a rabid dog and is able to get to his feet. Going for a suplex, TJP reverses the move and kicks Richards in the face. Both men are now on the apron going shot for shot, Richard’s is gaining momentum until TJP hits a suplex on the outside hitting Davey’s head against the apron. TJP hits a frog splash but can not get the pin, the crowd is going insane now with TJP hitting Davey with everything he’s got until Davey Richards catches TJP and throws him in the air and connects with a round house kick to the body. Richards goes up to the top rope howling like a wolf, and his TJP with a curb stomp on the top rope going for the count but TJP kicks out, Richards stays on him with a brain buster, but TJP kicks out again but right into an ankle lock. TJP fights for as long as he can but the ankle lock is just too much and now Davey Richards is the 2021 Opera Cup Champion!

Winner Davey Richards


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