Major League Wrestling War Chamber Results

The wait is over and the time is here for MLW’s War Chamber! The heat has been building these past few weeks not just between the members of Team Hammerheads and Contra, but there is also heat within Contra with Mads Krugger stating that he is the new leader of the organization.  Team Hammerheads also have a member of the squad they don’t know after making a deal with shady matchmaker Cesar Duran, this has everyone wondering what their team chemistry will be like considering that the members of Team Hammerheads are a tight knit group, and the question remains did they make a deal with the devil? The crowd sits in anticipation as the crew quickly puts together the Chamber around the ring, 4 sides of an unforgiving steel fence topped off with sharp barbed wire to ensure no one can climb the cage to escape, in the War Chamber there is only one way out and that is to win.

The bell sounds and the crowd sits waiting to see who the first combatant will be. Contra has elected to use their winning coin toss and have Jacob Fatu begin the match up. It seems strange to have the former heavyweight champion be the first in the ring, but it seems they want to have that 2-1 advantage over Team Hammerhead. As Fatu enters the cage, the music that is playing now isn’t something the fans have heard before, on the screen the name reads Mantanza Duran, the commentators are completely baffled, is this the brother of matchmaker Cesar Duran? Duran accompanies his wrestler to the platform, and then the wrestler pulls off his mask and its Jeff Cobb!!! Cobb is the man who is responsible for the loss of more careers in NJPW, and the perfect foil for Contra’s plan of early domination. The look on Fatu’s face says it all, he knows this is going to be the fight of his life.  The two gigantic warriors lock up and begin the action, both men using their quick feet and brute strength to try and gain an advantage. The battle rages back and forth, neither man getting the better of the other and the clock now begins to countdown for Contra’s next competitor. This is now the opportunity Contra was waiting for, especially with a beast like Cobb in the ring, they need all the advantage they can get.

When the clock strikes zero, out comes Sentai Death Squad Member #1 who is just a mountain of a man with freakish size and height. With the ultimate advantage now in Contra’s favor, Fatu and SDS Member #1 begin to beat down on Cobb. With brutal slam after brutal slam from both men, it looks like War Chamber might be ending early because Cobb is just out matched. Cobb clutches the bottom rope as the members of Contra won’t even let him breathe, and then the clock begins to countdown for Team Hammerhead’s second combatant. It doesn’t matter who comes out now, just as long as someone can take the pressure off Cobb so he can regroup and fight back. Here comes the legendary Puerto Rican wrestler Savio Vega, Savio runs down to the ring with his kendo stick and just starts raining blows down on SDS Member #1 and Jacob Fatu, with each strike the cracks of the stick off the men’s skulls echos throughout the 2300 Arena. The playing field has now been leveled and the action is beginning to really heat up and the crowd is loving it. 

The clock is now counting down faster now that there are more wrestlers in the ring, Cobb has SDS Member #1 in the corner and it looks like Hammerheads are coming close to winning, Ikuro Kwon begins to walk down the isle as Contra’s next member, and the tide begins to shift. Kwon takes out Savio and Cobb with marital arts strikes, and Fatu takes full advantage and smashes Cobb with an acrobatic knee to the skull. With Kwon now in the ring Contra has taken over but only for a moment, because the clock counts down to Hammerhead’s next member and its Richard Holliday. Holliday has to put his coffee and his $1,000 suits away and its time to get nasty. The lifelong friend of Alex Hammerstone finds himself in the fight of his life against team Contra. All these men look like they have been in a war and are all moving on blind instinct in the ring.

With the timer counting down faster and faster Contra’s next member Sentai Dead Squad Member #2 comes out, and Team Hammerstone is back to being in big trouble. All the members of Contra are stomping and smashing the members of Team Hammerstone as they lay on the mat. You can just imagine the feeling Alex Hammerstone is having sitting in the back as his friends are being beaten down wishing they had some help. Their wish now comes true as the rising star “The Judge” EJ Nduka comes out and beings taking out every member of Contra all by himself. Nduka’s strength and size are impressive and he holds SDS Member #1 in the air like a balloon and smashes him down. With big boots to Fatu and Kwon, it looks like Nduka is about to end this all until Contra’s last member Mads Krugger comes out and gets in Nduka’s face. Krugger goes to punch Nduka and the punch gets caught in mid air, Krugger has met his match as Nduka puts Krugger in the corner. Kwon kicks Nduka in the back, but The Judge just tosses Kwon as if he were a weightless doll, and then the timer goes off and the last member of Team Hammerhead Alex Hammerstone comes out.

Hammerstone comes in the ring and beings cleaning house smashing and tossing every member on Contra around. Krugger gets his hands on Hammerstone and slams him to the mat, these two couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other, Hammerstone hits the nightmare on Krugger and the arena goes wild. There’s bodies flying all over the ring and crashing all around, how this ring is able to stay constructed is beyond my understanding, Krugger and Fatu have obvious heat with each other, but seem to be working as a team here, Fatu goes for a kick and ends up hitting Krugger by mistake. Krugger is being held down by Nduka and Savio Vega, and the camera pans to the champion Alex Hammerstone calling for a finishing move on Kwon. Hammerstone picks up Kwon in a torture rack, bouncing and twisting the back of the pit fighter, Kwon is forced to give up before his spine snaps in two, Team Hammerhead has done the impossible and taken out Contra. 

As Team Hammerstone celebrates on the ramp, we see Krugger getting in the face of Fatu blaming him for the team loss. Kwon tries to separate both men, but the two begin fighting. Kwon is now turning on Fatu, but gets picked up and hit with one of the biggest Samoan slams I have ever seen. Contra has turned on Fatu, and now Fatu is fighting everyone all by himself. On the outside, Fatu grabs a chair and starts hitting anyone who comes near him, every security guard in the building is now at ringside trying to separate these crazed men as they are hungry for blood. War Chamber lived up to all the hype, and we now have to see what unfolds with Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael, will Samael side with Krugger and Contra or will he stick by the side of the former champion? Tune in next Wednesday to see if anymore of the drama unfolds.


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