Malik McCullough ready to take on CFC featherweight Champ Alexander Schenk at CFC 10

Clarksville, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 10 will take place on Saturday, June 26, 2021, at Appleton Harley-Davidson in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Malik McCullough is a veteran of Streetbeefs and Mighty Mouse URL YouTube channel fame. On June 26th McCullough fights for the CFC featherweight championship against title holder Alexander Schenk. CEO of FightBook MMA Roberto Villa had the pleasure to talk with Malik ahead of his bout at CFC 10.

FBMMA: Thank you Malik for taking the time to talk with us just a little over a week before your title fight in the CFC. How has training been going for you during this fight camp?

Malik: Training been going good till this point my they offered me this fight on short notice so I had a tight schedule but things worked out.

FBMMA: No much is known about you up until this point. Give us a little background information on you. Did you play sports in high school? What led you to originally get involved in martial arts?

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Malik: Well I started martial arts in high school got in MMA in 9th grade started with Muay Thai I took a class at a local gym I didn’t have much money then so during the school year i wrestled then in the summer I work then go to do Muay Thai and grappling.

FBMMA: We’ve watched a couple of your fights on YouTube on the Mighty Mouse URL channel. Those were very intense. What was that experience like? It seemed to be fighting in a open field and on dirt. We’re there similar rules to MMA involved?

Malik: Yea those backyard fights are great experience for upcoming fighter there several leagues on the internet that are very popular such as strelka, streetbeefs, and mighty mouse UFL that gives fighters a chance to go out there and test the waters its basically a smoker fight with no padding (laughs).

FBMMA: What fighter would you say that your fighting style mostly resembles that we may be familiar with?

Malik: Well I don’t really compare my self to any fighter I have my own style like everyone else but I’m sure there’s a lot of fighters I fight like.

FBMMA: CFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Schenk likes to stand and use different type karate techniques during his fights. Have you got to watch many of his past fights and if so what did you think of his skill set inside the cage?

Malik: I believe it makes no difference I’ve trained in MMA gyms with a cage. The cage is just another element of MMA.

FBMMA: I’ve watch videos of you fighting in all types of environments but I haven’t seen you fight inside of a MMA cage. Do you think the experience will be the same as the others you’ve had or do you think it will help or hurt your fight style?

Malik: I believe it makes no difference I’ve trained in MMA gyms with a cage. The cage is just another element of MMA.

FBMMA: Give us a prediction on the fight June 26th. How does your fight end that night?

Malik: All I can say is I’m coming to fight I don’t predict wins no matter how confident I am in my abilities we are to human beings coming in a cage fight anything can happen no set plan I’m just coming to fight and compete to win that belt.

FBMMA: Thank you Malik for your time and we wish you the best of luck at CFC 10 in your attempt to capture the CFC featherweight championship. Are there any people that you would wish to thank or give a shoutout to before we go?

Malik: Thank you Roberto there’s one person TJ Ben my friend who set this fight up I wish him the best in his rehab recovery hope to put on a good show.


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