Marijuana And Boxing: Are There Any Serious Effects On Fighters

Different boxing organizations have effectively banned the use of marijuana among boxers in and out of the ring. However, with the legalization of marijuana, more and more sports personalities have called for a change.

Marijuana use is a quite controversial topic among many sports organizations, including boxing. At the moment, the status quo is marijuana is banned in all competitive sports. However, many supporters argued that different strains of marijuana offer different effects. Many of such strains were perfectly bred to produce desired effects. So no two strains are alike. If you are interested to know more about the best yielding strains of marijuana, visit this site.

In the US, with 29 states having finally legalized medical marijuana use and distribution, the advocacy to create pot-friendly athletics has gained much support from some prominent athletes and athletic promoters and professionals. Bob Arum, arguably the most well-known boxing promoter, has been very vocal of his past with cannabis and about his advocacy in its use in boxing. Indeed, the call to lift the prohibition of marijuana in athletics, including boxing, has now become a kind of a social movement. Many sports personalities, and activists have advocated tirelessly to promote marijuana in sports like boxing.

In this article, we discuss both the potential ill effects of marijuana for boxers and also its positive effects.


While we do advocate for the legalization of both the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, it is still very important to note that marijuana is not a perfect herb and can have an untoward effect on the performance and everyday health of an athlete.

Smoking marijuana leaves tar in the lining of the lungs similar to the tar in cigarettes. This tar stains the lining of the lungs and is an impurity. At best, the tar can hinder your optimum breathing, which you need to maintain your speed and endurance. At worst, tar can cause various respiratory problems and even lung cancer. For boxers who wish to consume marijuana, edibles are still the best choice. The effects can be the same without the side effects of tar.

As well, there are strains of marijuana that can induce hunger and increase appetite. While this is not a bad effect for non-athletes, for boxers who are trying to achieve certain weight classes, this can be very problematic.

Furthermore, certain effects of marijuana can make you sleepy. This could potentially have a serious effect on the athleticism of boxers.


Given the side effects of marijuana, a boxer may decide not to take it before a major fight. However, taking marijuana from time to time can have added benefits. Many athletes take marijuana for these reasons. Here are some of the advantages of marijuana for boxers.

  1. MARIJUANA IS GREAT FOR PAIN RELIEF – The saying, “no pain, no gain” should be deleted in an athlete’s dictionary. Boxers are expected to exert their bodies to their limit. This can be a very painful journey to the perfection of techniques. As such, boxers often live in constant physical pain. The problem with this is that many boxers are prohibited from taking painkillers. Many of such medications are opioids and are highly addictive. In this regard, marijuana offers a safer alternative pain relief for boxers.
  2. MARIJUANA HELPS RELAX BOXERS – Boxing is a very competitive and stressful job. Boxers often train from around 4 to 16 hours a day depending on if there is a fight. Aside from the physical pain, boxers are subjected to stress and even depression. Boxing is a competitive sport and failure is always just around the corner. Competitiveness also adds anxiety, which heightens before a fight. Reports of psychosomatic symptoms among boxers are pretty common. Given this, marijuana offers instant relief. Medical marijuana is widely known for being a natural stress management medication.  The active compound CBD in marijuana produces improves mood and relaxes the boxers every after a fight or sparring practice. Marijuana also induces sleep so it is perfect for recuperation from everyday physical and mental stress.
  3. MARIJUANA REDUCES CASES OF MUSCLE SPASMS – muscle fatigue is another concern for many boxers. Nob-stop muscle use can easily result in muscle spasms. Like muscle pain, muscle spasm is a constant source of discomfort for many boxers. When a muscle group is used up constantly, the muscle fibers in that area are torn up and build up continuously over and over again. The muscle cells burn oxygens and produce waste known as lactic acid. This acid builds up in the area causing spasms. In worse cases, the spasms can worsen muscle cramps. Marijuana has been traditionally used to relax the muscles of the body. When the muscles relax the lactic acid production stops. This helps the body get rid of the lactic acids that have built up previously.

At the end of the day, using marijuana is a very personal decision to make. At the moment, not one sports organization has ever shown agreeing to the demands of marijuana supporters. But as we progress as a society, only time will tell whether boxing will finally open up to boxers’ use of marijuana


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