Max Holloway vs Alexander Volkanovski trilogy is best for business

Former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway, once again, pulls in another victory defeating Yair Rodrigez in a stellar main-event classic at his latest fight. While Holloway continues to entertain UFC fans and critics alike, one must not forget Holloway’s ability as a top contender. Holloway continues to gain victories despite losing the featherweight championship to Alexander Volkanovski.

However, despite losing to Volkanovski on two occasions, it’s worth noting the competitiveness of both fights Holloway had with Volkanovski. Especially considering his latest defeat at the hands of Volkanovski was deemed a split decision.

Though Holloway suffered a step back from losing his featherweight championship title, he managed to win his last two fights, including his against Rodriguez. Furthermore, one would think he’d be deserving of a potential title fight.

As reported via MMA Fighting, UFC president Dana White has announced that a trilogy between Holloway and Volkanovski will likely happen. With White expressing his admiration for Holloway’s skill during his stellar victory against Rodriguez, the fact of the matter is that Holloway is, in fact, deserving of a title shot.

And because he deserves a championship match against Volkanovski, a trilogy between the two is best for business. Considering Holloway’s track record of entertaining fights, as he’s awarded “Fight of the Night” on several occasions, a trilogy with Volkanovski may transition to big PPV business for the UFC.

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While Holloway and Volkanovski haven’t been known for being top PPV draws in the business, a trilogy can give them the boost in appealing to even casual UFC viewers. It’s worth mentioning that both fighters have a lot to gain in a potential trilogy regarding who comes out the victor. One must imagine if a former champion like Holloway were to win the championship in a trilogy fight or Volkanovski retaining the belt for the third time against his fellow rival. Both men have the potential to generate massive buzz in the MMA world.

Not only potentially bringing eyes to both fighters but the division they’re representing. With exciting prospects from the Featherweight division, there’s no reason to deny the potential drawing power of this division. Fighters like Conor McGregor once put the world on notice regarding the featherweight division, so there’s no reason why another charismatic individual from that division can’t do the same.


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