Mazurkiewicz helps kickboxing reach Olympic recognition

Zurk Olympics

ROCKFORD (WREX) — A lifetime of fighting helped teach Tim Mazurkiewicz how to keep persevering through the tough times.

After more than two decades of trying to get the Olympics to recognize kickboxing as a sport, the man many know simply as ‘Zurk’ picked up a big win when the International Olympic Committee granted kickboxing full Olympic recognition.

“It brought tears,” Mazurkiewicz said. “I woke my wife up in the middle of the night and I told her, ‘We finally did it.’ You know, and it’s just hard to put into words. We’ve been traveling the globe for over 20 years trying to get where we’re at. It’s a good feeling.”

Mazurkiewicz packed a punch as a fighter in his day and has now risen the ranks to become one of the top officials of the sport.

Tune in Thursday night after our primetime Olympic coverage ends to see Zurk’s journey from fighter to official to finally seeing the sport he loves recognized by the Olympics.

FightBook MMA reporter Cameron Chrisp then reached out to the former heavyweight Champion “Zurk,” for more on what the IOC recognition means/initiates exactly.

Zurk: “We have the IOC Blessing now and it will be a trial Sport in 2024 Olympics in Paris, France. Same as now, Muay Thai and Sambo.It’s part of the process. If all goes well in Paris,  the Olympic committee will then vote for it to be a full Olympic medal sport in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.”

*For those in the area you can learn more tonight as his story airs on Channel 13 (WREX) Rockford

Article was first published By Derek Blyane/Ch.13


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