Mike Perry Involved in Altercation at Texas Restaurant

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Video footage has emerged, showing UFC welterweight contender, ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry punch an elderly man in a restaurant in Texas, during an altercation.

Perry, 28, can be seen leaving the Table 82 restaurant in Lubbock, alongside his girlfriend and corner person, Latory Gonzalez, following an earlier altercation with an employee from the establishment. The Michigan native then proceeds to stand in the restaurant’s entrance, where he exchanges verbals with an elderly patron as bystanders attempt to deescalate the situation. Video footage was posted on Twitter by user, @MMAEejit.

While from the almost two-minute video, it’s unclear as to what caused the initial altercation, Perry can be heard telling the elderly patron, “I’ll knock your old ass out, too.” to which the bystander replies, “You do it, motherf*cker.” Perry then responds with, “Yeah, let’s go you fat piece of sh*t” before dropping the grey-haired man with a punch.

Perry who then leaves the restaurant, asks for the police to be called, before calling another man the N-word three times after asking him to, “back up“. Perry, a white man, has used racial slurs previously on social media, with the promotion yet to take disciplinary action against him.

According to a report by TMZ, Perry wasn’t arrested by responding police – while the elderly patron whom he punched, was transported to a medical facility to receive treatment for his injuries. The restaurant are also considering filing a theft charge against Perry, who left the establishment without paying his bill.

Perry took to his official Twitter account late last night, simply penning – “No comment“.

Perry served six months in prison back in 2011, having violated his probation following a conviction for an armed robbery.

Currently, without a team, Perry last featured in the Octagon back in June at UFC Fight Night Vegas – scoring a unanimous decision win over tricky grappler, Mickey Gall.


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