Live from Tijuana, Mexico MLW returns for week 4 of Azteca. After last week ended with Alex Hammerstone being battered and bruised by the henchmen of Cesar Duran’s posse, Hammerstone is ready to brawl and put his MLW championship on the line against Octagon Jr. Also in action tonight, we have the AAA Mega Championship on the line when El Hijo del Vikingo takes on MLW’s Aramis, and Arez will take on Extreme Tigre. These past four weeks have been nothing less than exciting, on paper this week seems to be keeping that trend going. The action continues to heat up as MLW is vastly approaching Blood and Thunder in Dallas.

Arez vs Extreme Tigre

The match begins with Tigre showing his speed and agility at the start, getting into the head of the “Master of Strange Style” Arez. Arez, extends his hand out in friendship, but Tigre knows it wasn’t a genuine gesture and counters the attack. Both wrestlers were tailor made to fight each other, their styles are so similar it appears they both know what each man will do before they even do it. The high flying attacks from Arez are foiled at each attempt, but Extreme Tigre hits a flying boot to the face, but can’t get the pin. Arez is able to gain some momentum and get in some offense of his own, but Tigre is just too tough and won’t accept defeat. These two individuals are giving the fans in Mexico a terrific show with amazing acrobatic attacks and close finishes. The referee appears to be counting very slow, and it is beginning to aggravate these two wrestlers. Extreme Tiger climbs to the top rope but is met with a super kick to the gut, forcing him out of the ring. Arez flips over the top rope and comes crashing down on Tigre sending both men to the floor. Arez, quickly rises to his feet and throws Tigre into the center of the ring, hits a beautiful suplex into a bridge to get the pin.  The MLW fans around the world are now seeing why Konnan is quoted saying “Arez is the next biggest Lucha star in the world”

Winner: Arez

AAA Mega Championship Match: El Hijo del Vikingo vs Aramis

As if the crowd wasn’t excited enough from the first Lucha match up, Mexico’s crown jewel, the AAA Mega Championship is on the line here tonight.  Vikingo comes out in classic Viking gear looking as brolic as any champion should. Aramis starts the action off with a double drop kick to the chest, sending Vikingo into the corner. Aramis appears to be taking control of this match with high flying scissor locks, but Vikingo seems to be unphased by it all. Vikingo begins to take charge in the match now, not only using his strength, but climbing up to the support beams at the top of the roof and crashes down on Aramis. Vikingo is beginning to get the crowd involved as he prepares for a backflip off the top rope, only for his face and chest to be met with Aramis’ knees. Aramis meets Vikingo on the outside and powerbombs Vikingo into the support beam right into the center of his back. Aramis is trying to keep his momentum going as he hoists Vikingo on his shoulders for the Desnucadora de Muscatero. As he swings Vikingo to try and finish the move, Vikingo reverses and goes for the pin. Aramis was quick to kick out and the action continues with fast paced action. Both men are exhausted and are fighting on blind instinct right now as they trade elbows in the center of the ring. Aramis takes off his top so Vikingo and Aramis can exchange knife edge chops to see who can take the most pain. Aramis tries taking advantage but is quickly smashed on the top of his head with a crucifix driver. Both men are now laying lifeless in the ring from exhaustion. The crowd is willing both men to their feet chanting “Esta Lucha” which stands for “This is Wrestling.” We are being treated to Mexico’s finest in this match, but as always in the wrestling business, there’s now been a swerve. Arez comes down with a briefcase and slides it into the center of the ring, and it is unclear who he is trying to help. There’s no love lost between Aramis and Arez from their previous matches in MLW. Aramis goes to attack Arez, but he is hit with a devastating back breaker, and Vikingo hits a 450 splash to retain his AAA Mega Championship. The bad blood between Arez and Aramis now appears to have been boiled over and those two will be meeting each other again very soon.

Winner: El Hijo del Vikingo

MLW Heavyweight Championship Match: Alex Hammerstone vs Octagon Jr

With the crowd settling down, we have now reached our main event of the evening. After the weeks of head games that “El Jefe” Cesar Duran has been playing with champion Alex Hammerstone, Duran will be at ringside for this match. We don’t know if this match will be on the “up and up” considering that Duran has a history of paying off referees to get what he wants. Hammerstone comes down to the ring with a brace on his left arm, this is dangerous for the champ not being 100% and battling Octagon Jr. A legend in Mexico, Octagon comes down to the ring wearing his vintage gold attire, seen shaking the hand of Cesar Duran. At the start of the match, Octagon Jr begins grinding down on Hammerstone’s left arm treating the champion like an injured animal. Hammerstone is getting beaten from post to post until Hammerstone hits a back body drop. The pain in that arm is beginning to take it’s toll on the champion, with every power move he winces more and more. Hammerstone takes the action back into the ring, but Duran is circling the outside of the ring like a shark. At the top of the ramp, all of the Lucha henchmen are watching the match and distracting the champion. Octagon Jr takes advantage of Hammerstone being distracted and sparks an attack of his own on the outside. Octagon Jr leaps off the top rope and is caught by Hammerstone and slammed to the mat. Each power move takes more and more out of Hammerstone, he is fighting with all heart and instinct right now. Octagon Jr hits a super kick on Hammerstone and then a textbook 450 splash only to get a two count. Alex Hammerstone’s title reign seems to be close to ending here. With every ounce of strength he has left, Hammerstone picks up Octagon Jr in the torture rack, and hits a thunderous face buster and the win. You can see the anger on Duran’s face as Hammerstone’s hand is raised, now all the henchmen enter the ring. Hammerstone is smashing them one by one, the remaining henchmen now have Hammerstone surrounded. Seeing his best friend in trouble, Richard Holliday runs out to help his friend when the camera cuts out. Tune in next week as the saga of Cesar Duran and Alex Hammerstone continues.


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