MLW AZTECA Recap and Results

Major League Wrestling rings in 2022 in Tijuana Mexico for MLW Azteca! MLW matchmaker El Jefe Cesar Duran is kicking off the new year in the most exciting way possible bringing in more Lucha wrestling for the fans. Ever since Duran has come to MLW he has delivered on all of his promises in bringing in the best wrestlers and putting on the best events. With what looks to be the start of an exciting year for Major League Wrestling, the Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone signs a new multi-year deal with the company, we as wrestling fans look forward to the great matchups he will be involved with for years to come. 

Trios Match: Aramis, Destiny and Myzteziz Jr vs Arez, Black Danger and Dinamico

Kicking off our first match of the evening we have a Trios Match featuring MLW Lucha Aramis teaming up with Destiny and Myzteziz taking on his MLW nemesis Arez, Black Danger and Dinamico. This was a match up that the fans were not able to sit down to watch due to the high-octane action that was being delivered in the ring. All 6 of these Lucha wrestlers know that Cesar is watching intently, and they are putting on the best show possible in order for Duran to give them the El Jefe Blessing and keep pushing them to the top of MLW. The team of Arez, Black Danger and Dinamico seem to be the aggressors in the match up, using a great balance of strength and incredible high spots to take out their opponents and ignite this Mexican crowd who loves their Luchador wrestlers. There are bodies all over the outside and the inside of the ring, and these insane high spots that make you feel like you are watching a circus act and you don’t know where to focus your attention because you might miss another amazing move off the top rope. Finally, Aramis and Arez are able to square off one on one in the center of the ring due to their teammates being knocked out on the outside of the ring. The two begin exchanging strikes and counter moves until, Aramis hoists Arez up on his shoulders for his finisher the Desnucadora de Muscatero. Aramis is spinning so fast that Arez body becomes completely stiff until he is crashed down on the back of his head and Aramis wins by pin fall.

Winner: Aramis, Destiny and Myzteziz

Richard Holliday vs Psycho Clown

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Our second bout of the evening features one of MLW’s stars Richard Holliday going up against one of the most dangerous Luchador wrestlers in Mexico, Psycho Clown. If you remember a few months back, Holliday is not only one of Alex Hammerstone’s best friends but was one of his team members for War Chamber. The entire time, Cesar Duran has been trying to get Hammerstone and Holliday to trust him, but he has also had his brother attack Hammerstone and now seems to want to teach Holliday a lesson putting him in the ring with Psycho Clown. Don’t let the name or the mask fool you, this isn’t Doink The Clown we are seeing here, Psycho Clown lives up to his name and he lives up to it well. This was an entertaining match, the American wrestling fans get to see Psycho Clown in action and we all get to see the talent that Holliday has inside the ring a lot more. Both wrestlers are playing it up for the crowd exchanging knife edge chops to the chest until Psycho Clown headbutts Holliday. After Clown getting in a little offense, Holliday lifts him up in the torture rack appearing as though he is about to come away with a clear victory. Holliday now runs up to the top turnbuckle only to see the Azteca henchmen taking away his valet for the evening MLW reporter Alisha. Although she denies the rumors of her and Holliday being a couple, when Richard sees her being taken away he is distracted and Psycho Clown with a standing suplex off the top turnbuckle and gets the victory.

Winner: Psycho Clown

Apocalypto Match: Alex Hammerstone and Pagano vs King Muertes and Taurus

For the first time in MLW history, the fans are being treated to an Apocalypto Match. It’s ok if you don’t know what that is, because none of us do really. All we know is that there are no rules, but the biggest, and most dangerous wrestlers in both countries are part of it. This match is not for those with weak stomach’s right from the bell. The wrestlers are pulling out weapons from everywhere around the ringside area and begin beating each other senseless. There is no skill that is going on with this match up, it’s just pure, unadulterated carnage that King Muertes and Taurus are using to dominate their challengers. Pagano and Hammerstone are being beaten with garbage cans and trash cans, almost to the point of being completely unconscious. Hammerstone rolls out of the ring and leaves Pagano in the center to try and regain some offense. King Muertes covers Pagano, but the pins is broken up by Hammerstone, the champ picks up Muertes in the torture rack and slams him on the garbage can and gets the cover but Muertes kicks out! Hammerstone begins setting up a wooden board in the corner, but Taurus attempts to put the champ through it, but Hammerstone reveres him and smashes the the board in a million pieces with Taurus’ body. Now with Muertes and Hammerstone in the center of the ring, Pagano hits Taurus with a high flying move on the outside putting him through another wooden board while Hammerstone puts King Muertes in the Nightmare securing the victory. After the match ends, Cesar Duran comes out and Hammerstone’s partner Pagano turns on him and it becomes a triple team attack on Hammerstone. Now we have the Azteca henchmen all around the ring and they carry Hammerstone’s lifeless body to the back and out of everyone’s sight. Tune in next week to find out if Alex Hammerstone in fact became Cesar Duran’s sacrifice.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone and Pagano


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