MLW: Bunkhouse Brawl, nZo vs ACH Recap and Results

MLW Fusion is back with excitement and score settling matches at Gilly’s in Dallas Texas. One week removed from champion Alex Hammerstone putting his fist in Cesar Duran’s eye, what does El Jefe have in store for the champ. Tonight, we have amazing action leading off the evening with “The Certified G” nZo in action against ACH. Our next match is for the Tag Team Championship belts as Hustle and Power takes on The Bomaye Fight Club. Can Calvin Tankman and EJ Nduka finally close the mouth Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas? Or will Kane add more MLW gold to his trophy case? Our final bout of the evening has been brewing for months between The Von Erich’s taking on 5150 w/ Dr Julius Smokes. These teams have been at each other’s throats for awhile now, what should have been for the tag team belts, will now have to be for bragging rights. This evening is all set for bone crunching action!

nZo vs ACH
Since coming into MLW, nZo has been putting the wrestling world on high alert with an arrogant attitude, nZo is embracing his role as a heel like a duck to water. While in the ring, the entrance music hits and Budd Heavy begins walking down to the ring. Annoyed with his opponent that Duran chose for him, nZo rushes Budd and leaves him unconscious on floor in front of the packed house at Gilly’s. After nZo gets on the mic to trash talk the decision to send out Budd against him, ACH’s music hits and now the match is set to begin. ACH’s speed and agility is far more superior than nZo, but nZo’s craftiness in the ring is second to none. The combatants go back and forth with impressive chain wrestling and high spots off the top rope. nZo climbs to the top rope once again to try and finish his opponent, but ACH hits an beautiful spear at the last minute, momentarily incapacitating nZo. After a false finish, ACH wants to finally end the match by jumping up to the top rope once more, but the crafty nZo kicks the referee into the ropes making ACH straddle the top turnbuckle writhing in pain. nZo hits his Donzo finisher and gets the win.

Winner: nZo

Team Hustle and Power vs Bomaye Fight Club: Tag Team Championship Match

Alex Kane and Calvin Tankman have had a rocky relationship for the past few months now. It all started during the Opera Cup Tournament this past summer when Tankman refused to be part of a team with Alex Kane. After multiple attacks, and Tankman having to spend the holidays in a jail cell, Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas want to end the Hustle and Power title reign. This match is not going to be one of grace and skill, these combatants hate each other and want to inflict as much pain on each other as possible. While having Alex Kane in an abdominal stretch hold, the referee becomes momentarily distracted and Mr. Thomas sprays EJ in the eyes with some type of spray temporarily blinding Nduke in front of his hometown crowd. Like a predator spotting injured prey, Alex Kane takes advantage of the situation but only for a moment. Tankman is yelling and screaming to guide his blinded partner over to their corner for the hot tag, Tankman is now cleaning house and the Bomaye Fight Club loses their advantage and the match. Hustle and Power retain their titles and continue to clean house in the tag team division here in MLW!
Winner: Team Hustle and Power

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The Von Erich’s vs 5150 w/ Dr. Julius Smokes in a Bunkhouse Brawl
This feud between these two teams has been building for awhile now and tonight we finally get the chance to see it all boil over. The Von Erich’s were set to face off against 5150 for the Tag Team Championship belts but due to the Von Erich’s coming down with Covid-19 the match was off. 5150 would lose the belts shortly after, but that did not deter 5150 from still going after The Von Erich’s. After their last attack, Slice Boogie is not going to be in action due to his legal issues, so Hernandez steps in with Danny Limelight looking for some violent action tonight. After Danny attacks the Dallas crowd, Dallas’ favorite sons run out and the action is finally on. There is no finesse taking place here tonight in the Bunkhouse Brawl, weapons are being used early and often. The action gets taken to the outside where Dr. Julius Smokes tries getting involved only to get dropped and rolls under the ring apron. Inside the ring, Hernandez is committing so many crimes with weapons, the police should be waiting for him on the outside. The Von Erich’s are being beaten down in front of their home-town, all hope seems like its going to be lost until Danny Limelight is sent through a wooden board in the corner of the ring, and the Von Erich’s now take advantage of a 2 on 1 situation. In true Von Erich fashion, Marshall Von Erich puts Hernandez in the claw and right into the Iron Lotus for the victory. The Von Erich’s finally got pay back on 5150 for these past few months of smack talk and torture. Is this finally the end of the blood feud, or was this just the first battle in a long war?

Winner: The Von Erich’s


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