MLW: FIGHTLAND on Vice TV recap and results

Ladies and gentlemen the time has come, the event that you all have been waiting for is finally here! MLW proudly presents to you Fightland!!!! All the waiting is done, and Fightland has brought us wrestling fans two action-packed championship matches. The heat and the drama has been building up for weeks between Alex Hammerstone and Fatu along with the entire Contra Unit. They have been waiting for weeks to finally get their hands on each other, and tonight all debts get settled.

Our first match brings us a 4-way match for the Middleweight Championship. After an impressive showing on Fusion, Cesar Duran decided to put in the exciting Luchador’s Arez and Aramis after their amazing match on Fusion. They will be joining, of course, the Middleweight Champion Myron Reed and making his return on American soil in the squared circle, the Japanese Buzzsaw himself Tajiri. As the match begins, awkward handshakes are given out of respect to Tajiri, except Arez attempted to capitalize on the moment and quickly puts Tajiri in a full nelson. Aramis and Reed try to take advantage of the situation but Tajiri leaps up and kicks both of them in the head and gets out of the headlock only to be thrown out of the ring. The seasoned vet in Tajiri, had him stay on the outside waiting for his moments to strike throughout the match. Myron Reed was showing off his amazing acrobatic skills hitting cutters from every angle possible while Aramis and Arez were flying off the turnbuckles like diving superheroes. With each pin attempt, Tajiri would jump back into the ring to break the count up and mount up some offense for himself and continue to soften up the other combatants in the match. After Aramis and Arez are left down for the count, Tajiri and Reed are the only ones left. Reed hits Tajiri with an amazing cutter, but Tajiri was able to counter the move and thrown Reed into the ref who is standing in the corner, Tajiri ducks a clothesline and sprays his vintage mist in the face of the champion, and then hits him with the Buzzsaw kick to the chin, and pins Reed to become the new MLW Middleweight champion.

This brings us to our main event of the evening and what a main event it was. Being in the building, the extreme excitement that was swirling in the air that night is almost can’t be described. The tensions that were filling the backstage area between Jacob Fatu and Alex Hammerstone couldn’t have been cut with a chainsaw. After weeks of backstage attacks, and Hammerstone ripping the Contra flag in half on Fusion, these two undefeated champions will finally get their hands on each other in a No Holds Barred match-up. As the two men enter the ring holding their belts, the staredown between the two was almost reminiscent of King Kong vs Godzilla. Once the action begins, these two men who are heavyweights had the stamina of Luchador wrestlers, the hate between these two was more than enough to keep them both pushing and not giving one another an inch. When these men’s body’s hit the mats at the same time during the multiple slams and Samoan drops, the sound throughout the 2300 Arena felt like an indoor thunderstorm. Jacob Fatu finally gets a hold of a chair and throws Hammerstone into the corner where the chair was strategically placed. With Hammerstone incapacitated in the corner, Fatu climbs up to the top rope and performs the most picture-perfect Coast to Coast leaping at least 20 feet across the ring crashing the chair into Hammerstone’s shoulder just missing his head. Once the two men were up, Hammerstone runs across the ring and hits Fatu with a with a jumping boot to the face which unfortunately injures Hammerstone’s knee as well as sending Fatu crashing to the mat. Taking full advantage of Hammerstone’s injured leg, Fatu goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a table that is underneath the ring. Fatu places the table in the corner and sets up Hammerstone on the table. Fatu performs a picture-perfect moonsault off the top rope smashing the table in pieces. Instead of hurting Hammerstone, going through the table revitalized him and he was able to not only mount a comeback attack, but he was able to Jackknife powerbomb the 300 plus pound champion. The eruption from the crowd was deafening and you almost couldn’t hear the referee slam his hand down for the three count.

What an amazing ending to the night, but I highly doubt this is the end of the feud between Contra Unit and Alex Hammerstone, but at this very moment Alex Hammerstone is now MLW’s champ champ.


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