MLW FUSION Recap and Results – 11/17/2022

MLW FUSION Recap and Results – 11/17/2022

Davey Richards challenges Alex Kane for the National Openweight Championship and more!

MLW Fusion opens up with a video package hyping the night’s main event between Davey Richards and Alex Kane. After the package airs MLW wastes little time getting right to the action and opens the night with a tag team match.

Samoan SWAT Team (Lane Anoa’I & Juicy Finau) vs Los Maximos (Jose & Joel)

This tag match starts out hot as Los Maximos try to get the upper hand on the Samoan SWAT Team by jumping them before the bell rings. The action quickly spills to the outside. Jose goes for a suicide dive but is easily caught by Juicy. Joel jumps from the apron but is also caught by Juicy. Juicy has both members of Los Maximos in his arms. Los Maximos escape and start doing a number on Juicy but their offense is short lived as Lance catapults himself over the top rope and onto his opponents. The action continues on the outside of the ring before Lance and Jose finally roll into the ring and the referee rings the bell for the match to officially start. Los Maximos quickly gain control of the match by performing some double team moves on Lance. An Irish whip into the ropes proves to be a costly error for Los Maximos as it afforded Juicy the opportunity to blind tag Lance. Juicy quicky cleans house and the Samoan SWAT Team are back in control of the match. Juicy throws Jose into the corner and quickly follow up with a splash. Jose falls to the mat and Lance comes charging in with a cannon ball in the corner. Los Maximos manage to get some offense in and attempt a double Spanish fly on Lance. Juicy comes in for the save and places both members of Los Maximos on his shoulders and delivers a massive double Samoan drop. Lance follows that up with a huge splash off the top rope onto Jose and gets the pin for the victory.

Samoan SWAT Team def. Los Maximos

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Killer Kross vs Matt Cross

Matt Cross comes to the ring first and is full of engry and is pumped up to be in front of the MLW crowd. This is a complete contrast to the enterance of Killer Kross who slowly walks to the middle of the stage with his head down. He wants there as Scarlett Borderux slowly follows. It is not until Scarlett places her hand on his chest that Kross raised his head and slowly looks up towards the crowd. He makes a slow walk down the ramp and into the ring. After a quick feeling out process, Kross takes control of the match by landing heavy strikes. A big boot across Matt Cross’ face followed by hard elbows sends him to the corner where Killer Kross lands more elbows. Matt Cross tries to mounts some offense but he is turned inside out by a hard clothesline from Killer Kross. Kross looked to slow things down by keeping Matt Cross in a headlock but Cross was able to escape and mount some quick temp offense. Cross used his speed to keep Killer Kross off balance but it was only a matter of time before Kross was able to get his timing right and catch Cross midair. Kross carries Matt Cross to the center of the ring and lands the Doomsday Siedo for the victory.

Killer Kross def. Matt Cross

National Openweight Championship: Alex Kane (champion) vs Davey Richards

The night’s main event starts off as a grappling contest with Richards getting the best of Kane. Richards works Kane to the mat and attempts to put Kane in an ankle lock. Kane is able to roll out and sends Richards to the outside. Kane looks annoyed at the fact that Richards was able to even get that close to a submission attempt. Richards quickly gets back into the ring and charges at Kane. Kane is quick to react and catches Richards and throws him into the turnbuckle with an exploder suplex. Richards slowly rolls back out of the ring and Kane follows. Kane places Richards on the ring apron and lands a hard splash. Kane gets Richards to the corner turnbuckle and attempts a suplex from the top rope. Richards is able to escapes the grip of Kane and after a few moments of jockeying for position, Richards lands hard headbutts to Kane. Kane is dazed and this allows Richards to land a top rope suplex that rattles the enter ring. Both men are slow to get up but it is Kane that somehow does first. Kane has a brief moment of offense but he gets his leg caught and Richard delivers a dragon screw. The moves sends Kane to the mat. Richards quickly climbs to the top rope and attempts a double foot stomp. Kane moves out of the way but Richards quickly recovers. Richards grabs ahold of Kane’s feet and lock in the Trailer Hitch submission. Kane screams in pain. Kane is able to grab the bottom rope and the move must be broken. Kane tries to get on offensive but Richards beats him to it and lands a serious of maneuvers including a side suplex. Richards attempts a front suplex but Kane reverses it and tosses Richards across the ring. Kane goes for the cover but Richards kicks out. Kane picks up Richards but Richards reverses it into a sunset flip and turns that into an ankle lock submission. Kane kicks Richards off but Richards bounes off the ropes and lands a hard kick to the chest. The kick sends Kane back flat on the mat. Richards quickly climbs to the top rope and lands a double foot stomp and goes for the cover but Kane kicks out after one. Richards does not let that phase him and he lands a brainbuster on Kane. Kane is glossy eyed as Richards goes for another cover. This time he only gets a two count. Richards quickly gets Kane back up and lands a varioutn of the D.R. Driver. Richards quickly goes for the pin and this time he is able to get a three count. Richards defeats Kane and is the new MLW National Openweight Champion.

Davey Richards def. Alex Kane to become new National Openweight Champion.


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