MLW FUSION Recap and Results – 3/17/2022

We are one week removed from champion Alex Hammerstone being ambushed by Richard Holliday and being left with a crimson mask and EJ Nduka was also ambushed by 5150, how much crazier can MLW Fusion get this week? We will be given updates on the health of Hammerstone, Nduka and The Von Erichs during this broadcast, but action wise MLW delivers as always. We will be seeing Rok-C vs Miranda Gordy and our main event, former opera cup contender TJP takes on the Australian grappler Buddy Matthews.

Miranda  Gordy vs Rok- C

The Women’s Featherweight division has been delivering ever since Duran had brought it in to MLW, and newly signed Miranda Gordy is looking to show off her family wrestling skills against the very tough Rok-C. The match begins and right away you can tell the veteran prowess of Gordy, her speed and power are outstanding to watch. Rok-C is showing absolutely no respect to Gordy and comes out hard and aggressive. Gordy seems to be having some difficulty, Rok-C is taking every advantage she can to put Gordy down and keep her there. Gordy seems to find her comfort zone and is able to put on an offensive show herself and now the match has become a back and forth chess match. This type of match it only takes one little miss step to lose control, and it almost appears that Gordy made that mistake by missing a spear and hitting the ring post. Rok-C has her signature submission hold on Gordy and it’s looking like this might be the end, but Gordy is just so big and strong she is able to get out of the hold and hit the Bam Bam Slam for the win.

Winner: Miranda Gordy via pinfall

TJP vs Buddy Matthews

After coming up short in the Opera Cup, TJP now has his sights set on Myron Reed’s Middleweight Championship belt. Coming out to the ring TJP brought a mic and began to cut a promo that only TJP can pull off. His cocky and arrogant attitude make him one of the top heels in the wrestling business today. As good as TJP is, the Australian grappler Buddy Matthews is not impressed. The match begins, and Buddy Matthews is the aggressor, showing his grappling skills and chaining his moves together well to get TJP to the mat. TJP being the slimy heel, finds his way to get up and get some submission attempts in on his own but Matthews is just too big and strong slamming TJP to the mat like he was a doll. TJP is beginning to play head games with Matthews doing a headstand on the top turnbuckle baiting Matthews to run in, and he does. TJP gets out of the way and now Matthews seemed to have twisted his knee and rolls to the outside. This is the opening TJP was waiting for, Matthews is in pain now with the referee checking on him outside of the ring. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Perkins takes advantage of his wounded opponent, but Matthews overpowers TJP and slams him into the guard rail. Matthews slams TJP onto the side of the ring, but it was too much on his knee and Matthews drops down in pain. This now gives Perkins time to roll into the ring and catch his breath and plan his attack. Matthews rolls back into the ring and Perkins tries to gain some offense, but Matthews attacks like a cornered animal hitting Perkins with massive knees from both legs fighting through the pain. Matthews picks up TJP in a suplex and both men hit the mat with a thunders thud, but that knee just isn’t stable enough and Matthews once again is on the mat grabbing his knee. Matthews attempts his finisher, but TJP reverses it and goes for a pin only for Matthews to kick out. The tide begins to be turning in TJP’s favor using Matthews aggressiveness to counter moves and put more pressure on that knee. TJP heads to the top ropes, Matthews grabs hold but pry him away due to TJP holding on to the turnbuckle with all his might. Matthews now has TJP in position for a big power bomb but can’t get the 3 count, he is fighting on pure adrenaline at this point, but you can tell that knee just isn’t stable enough for him to generate all his power. Matthews trying to block out the pain in the corner, as TJP beings to stand up Matthews goes for a curb stomp but misses and TJP gets the roll up for a 2 count. TJP now has Matthews in a figure 4 death lock, and the screams of Matthews echo through the arena in Dallas, but Matthews finds a way to roll him up for a 2 count and then hits the curb stomp as fast as he can. TJP is down, but so is Matthews now that knee is just too much for him to be able to stand on. Buddy is getting frustrated that no matter what he does, TJP just won’t quit. TJP is on his feet and again Matthews is throwing knees to the head of TJP trying to knock him out and get this match over with. Matthews goes for another power bomb, but TJP has terrific ring presence and throws his body weight towards the top rope to avoid being slammed. Matthews grabs hold of TJP to suplex him off the top rope, but TJP grabs on to the referee which is keeping him on the top rope, once he lets go he grabs hold of Matthews knee and is immediately free. Matthews is on the mat now screaming and holding on to his knee when TJP hits the Mamba Splash right to Matthews knee. Now TJP has a grape vine on Matthews knee which he then transitions into a heel hook. Matthews tries reaching the bottom rope, but he just can’t get to it and has to tap out due to the pain.

Winner: TJP via submission

What an exciting evening we were treated to for Fusion #137 in Dallas. As this season kicks off, MLW has delivered every single week and next week is shaping up to be another crazy one. Next week will be the first time the legend Gangrel will be wrestling in the company and Madds Krugger will be taking on Jacob Fatu in a Stairway To Hell match, you don’t want to miss it!

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