MMA Comics Issue #9

Who you got? Wonderboy or Gilbert Burns?

We begin in UFC Heaven with all the Hall of Fame Gods (@chuckliddell / @tito_ortiz6 / @rondarousey , etc) arguing about how disappointed they are in combat sport; Jake Paul making an embarrassment of boxing, UFC not paying fighters enough, #Hasbullah taking over social media. Chuck Liddell gets really angry as he sees into the future and Tyrone Woodley loses against Jake Paul and in fury throws a thunderbolt accidentally to earth ⚡️⚡️⚡️🌎….

The bolt hits Stephen Thompson who is instantly comatosed and ends up in hospital. The world is in bits, old team mate @georgesstpierre and @chrisweidman visit him… but things get weird. Stephens body tingles, and sparked come from his toe….That was no normal lightning bolt! A rush came over his body as he transforms into WONDERBOY!!💥HAZAR!💥

…But in came the Illegal #UFC Ninja Streamers to take him out, sent by a mysterious being. #Wonderboy trains his new powers to fight them off and defeat them all…. great training ahead his UFC 264 fight. 👊BOOM!👊

Thanks for @killz_mma for the cover photo idea! He’s a big fan of Wonderboy.

This Comic Strip is dedicated to @habitatforhumanity

1.6 billion people live without adequate shelter, in unsafe slums. These people live in constant fear of forced eviction and natural disasters.

Habitat works where it matters most; at the heart of communities, beside families in need, offering a ‘hand- up’ out of poverty through simple, decent housing.


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