Mokaev vs McVeigh bout gets Fight of the Night honors at BRAVE CF 37

Seef District, Bahrain – The explosive match-up between the two debutants stole the show at BRAVE CF 37, last Saturday, in Sweden. Muhammad Mokaev’s dominant performance was coupled with Glenn McVeigh’s valiant effort, after signing on to fight the number one pound-for-pound amateur fighter in the world on two days’ notice, to produce an amazing contest that left fans from around the world impressed with the potential of both fighters.

The duo was compensated with a Fight of the Night bonus from BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid, as the best bout of a stacked BRAVE CF 37, which had several moments of brilliance, from the head kick KO of Bianca Antman to the perfect rear-naked choke locked in by Louis Glismann in the main event against Henri Lintula.

However, the added drama between both young men brought up by McVeigh’s aggressive call-out on social media, and their clash on the lobby of the host hotel in Stockholm and during the staredowns after the weigh-ins, made that bout have the highest-stake in the card.

Mokaev was dominant throughout showing flashes of his brilliant cage control, as well as perfect takedown timing, while McVeigh had a few moments to let the world know that when he has a full camp under his belt, he will be a problem for all Bantamweights.

This week, Mohammed Shahid has confirmed that Mokaev’s next fight will take place on BRAVE CF’s debut in Poland, set for September 5th, while the BRAVE CF president has also indicated his willingness to sign McVeigh permanently.

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