Money Issues Raised Again For UFC

It’s safe to say that the UFC is bigger than it has ever been with record viewership and some great fights taking part on a regular basis, although there are still concerns within the organization around illegal streaming for the biggest events, the PPV numbers continue to hold strong and show that it’s probably still the biggest name in the fight game by far, but why is it then that money issues keep rearing its head, particularly where up and coming and well-established fighters are concerned?

It’s a tough problem to diagnose, there are fighters in the middle who have said they’re perfectly happy with what they’re getting paid – it has pulled them into a new life, and the money earned is enough, but then there are many others who have long complained that pay barely covers expenses for the training camps, let alone enough to live on, and the latest has been the up-and-comer 155er in Paddy Pimblett. Gaining a lot of fans very quickly for replicating some of what the other big crowd draws with the likes of McGregor and O’Malley had done, Paddy the Baddy was able to rack up over 750,000 Instagram followers and become an instant sportsbooks betting favorite, but with the increased attention come the calls to fight some higher-ranked opponents.

This is something that has been linked to Pimblett, suggesting perhaps a fight with some of the more seasoned vets in the 155 division with Tony Ferguson being a name floated in an interview, but met with a response that has become all too common – he’d love to fight Ferguson, but the money just isn’t there yet, and very familiar too what a younger Sean O’Malley had stated early on in his career. It’s looking like it’ll become an increasing issue too as more fighters are signed over from the contender series, these faster young fighters are able to string together some great performances and build a lot of hype, but without the pay to back up to big performances and to encourage tougher challenges higher up in the division against the ranked seasoned vets.

It’s a tough balance, these young guys aren’t proven yet, and giving them a bigger paycheck only to go on and lose in the next two or three fights is undoubtedly a bad business move, not to mention there will be plenty of dedicated fans out there who don’t want to see these guys against a ranked opponent until they’ve proven themselves more too, but their name is also generating a lot of buzz and a lot of hype for the organization, and letting all that wilt and go to waste is a tough pill to swallow too. It’s likely Pimblett will need a few more fights to get to where he needs to be, but it certainly seems as if he won’t do so quietly.

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