Muay Thai: Malykhin sets up Bhullar unification bout

Russian Anatoliy Malykhin is now set for a unification title bout with incumbent Singh Bhullar. This was after an impressive victory over Kirill Grishenko during the promotion’s Bad Blood event at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and it will be plagued by several best sports betting.

It was a strong performance from the 34-year-old, who is now undefeated in 11 matches, as he slugged away until he scored a stunning second-round knockout.

A wrestler and boxer by trade, Malykhin showed off both disciplines in each of the two rounds the fight lasted, scoring a takedown and fighting from the top before drilling his left fist into the target area of Grishenko’s face in the second.

Malykhin’s accuracy increased the later the bout got, and it was not long until he got his finish — a powerful right hand that sent Grishenko onto his back, unconscious, with 80 seconds left on the clock in the second.

Malykhin looked tearful in his post-match interview, especially when he held the interim belt. Before long, he issued a formal challenge to One’s full champion — Arjan Bhullar who “declined multiple offers to defend” his belt at Bad Blood, according to MMA Fighting and .

Undefeated Malykhin stated:

“I think [Arjan Bhullar] peed himself. He probably peed himself when he was watching my fight and when he was watching my first fight, too. He’s a chicken. My baby. I can knock him out anytime. He’s not the champion, I’m the champion. He’s the fake champion! I’ll be ready once my leg is recovered. I’m waiting for him to come to Tiger Muay Thai, I’ll knock him out there and then we’ll go to the cage and I’ll knock him out there, too.”

 In response, Bhullar said, “I can’t wait to shut him up”. He, however, tagged his rival as a good athlete.

“He’s a good athlete… he’s an athlete. He’s not as skilled as me. I see many holes in him. Of course he has his strengths but we will neutralize and overcome and get through him. I have many more weapons. I see many more holes. And I’m excited to compete against him.”

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