Muay Thai Officially An Olympic Sport

Muay Thai has been granted full approval to be recognised as an Olympic sport. Muay Thai is a combat-style form of martial arts similar to kickboxing that originated in Thailand.

After being awarded provisional recognition back in 2016, IFMA and the sport of Muaythai were granted permission to be brought to the 138th International Olympic Committee General Assembly for full Olympic consideration.

The IOC board met, ahead of this year’s Tokyo Olympics 2021, at Okura Hotal in Tokyo, held by Internationl Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Thomas Bach. It was confirmed during a meeting that the sport of Muay Thai was approved for full Olympic recognition and would become an official Olympic sport.

Stay tuned to FightBook MMA for further developments on this story and when all the Muay Thai fans can expect to see Muay Thai in the Olympics.

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