Nate Diaz pokes fun of McGregor’s two belts idea

UFC welterweight and MMA megastar Nate Diaz recently called out his old nemesis, Conor McGregor, on social media, referring to him as a “Lil btch.” McGregor, who’s slated to face Dustin Poirier in a trilogy match at UFC 264, was on Twitter stating his wishes for a two-title championship match with Poirier. One title being named “The McGregor Belt,” which he claims is in creation, and the second one is named “The Richest Motherfcker Belt.”

While this is normally how McGregor hypes up anticipated fights, as he’s known to get people talking, Diaz sarcastically responded to him on Twitter, poking fun over the idea of the two belts scenario. Diaz also made a crack at McGregor’s confidence, to which he made fun of McGregor’s two-belt idea as a way to build his confidence.

“Go ahead and make this Lil’ bitch a belt or two with rubies or whatever he wants on it,” stated
Diaz via Twitter. “I think he really needs it.”

As Diaz is expected to face Leon Edwards at UFC 262 this May, there’s much speculation over where his career will go from there. While McGregor is expected to fight Poirier for the third time, could McGregor find himself in a trilogy match with old-rival Diaz soon?


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