Nate Huitt makes his MMA debut at CFC 10 on June 26

Clarksville, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 10 will take place on Saturday, June 26, 2021, at Appleton Harley-Davidson in Clarksville, Tennessee

Nate Huitt is making his debut in MMA on June 26th at CFC 10 against a very experienced opponent in Daniel Wheeler as Huitt begins his career. CEO of FightBook MMA Roberto Villa had the pleasure to talk to Nate about his upcoming MMA debut fight. Check out the conversation below.

FBMMA: Nate thank you for taking the time to talk with us here at FightBook MMA before your fight at CFC 10. How has training been going in preparation for your debut fight into the sport of MMA?

Nate: Thank you for having me, it’s great man. I’ve never felt so technically sound, I’ve made a lot of adjustments from my kickboxing fight. Cleaned a lot of things up, have really worked to push the pace this camp & make sure I get maximal results in all aspects.

FBMMA: Like we said Nate this is you debut MMA fight. What led you to the decision that MMA was a sport you wanted to be involved in?

Nate: Honestly, this is somewhat of a stereotypical answer but I just like to compete & test myself against other skilled competitors whether it be boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, or even a Jiu-Jitsu match I just wanna compete and continue to grow in each sport. Ultimately this sport and training in general have given me so much peace mentally it’s almost just my way of giving back to it, I love it. I love training, I love the objective of being locked in the cage w another man and having to truly find out whose dominant and who can break the others will first.

FBMMA: What do you feel are going to be your biggest strengths or advantages in MMA?

Nate: No matter what he has to throw at me, I won’t break. I’m not going to quit, I won’t run from a dog fight and I feel comfortable where ever the fight goes. I train with some high caliber Jiu-Jitsu guys as well as strikers. I have a badass Jiu-Jitsu coach who’s been like a mentor and a striking coach that pushes me to my limits every session. It may be my debut but I demand a quality and seasoned performance for myself. I’ve worked too hard not too show it in that cage just as I’d expect my opponent to.

FBMMA: What led you to the CFC organization for your debut?

Nate: Originally I had planned on doing another KB fight against someone who had a win over our gym but I ended up injuring my shoulder and had to pull out, so timing. The timing was perfect.

FBMMA: On June 26th your fighting CFC veteran Daniel Wheeler who has a experience advantage on you. Have you gotten to see Wheeler fight in the past and if so what do you think of his skill set inside the cage?

Nate: I got to meet him actually at the last warriors den event. Very good guy. From what I’ve noticed he comes out heavy w kicks. Especially that body kick right off the rip, when he feels he’s in danger he tends to shoot in, and no disrespect but he’s had a little trouble on the ground as that’s where he’s lost all of his fights so I’m expecting him to make the adjustments there as well as other areas I’m sure. He comes from a very solid/reputable gym w some game fighters so I’m expecting him at his best.

FBMMA: The CFC lightweight division is stacked currently with Jaime Vasquez and Adonis Bonilla sitting at the top of the division. Do you have plans of capturing gold in that division or possibly moving divisions depending on how your debut fight goes?

Nate: Man I just wanna scrap, of course a belt is something I’d love to claim but I gotta get past wheeler first so I don’t wanna get into worrying about them just yet while he’s still in front of me. But yeah, you might catch me bouncing around from 155 to 145 to say the least.

FBMMA: Nate can you give us a prediction on your fight on June 26th? How does your fight end?

Nate: I see wheeler coming out hot and heavy with kicks. It sure be a shame if someone caught that leg again and submitted him like last time but I’m not the type to sit here and say what I am and am not gonna do because anything could happen in there. I do know one thing, I won’t back up and I won’t be afraid to trade with him if he so chooses. He’s a tough ass dude and I look forward to looking across from him June 26th inside that cage.

FBMMA: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us and best of luck to you June 26th against Daniel Wheeler. Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shoutout to before we close out this interview Nate?

Nate: My coaches Cory Robison, Ryan Delarenzo, Eric Robison & the whole Phoenix MMA team. Also the homies over at vertex MMA for all the rounds and help they’ve given me. Also a big shoutout to my boy Ben sharp whose like family to me, he’s truly helped me a lot since coming into the sport. He’ll be fighting on the card as well. Thank you for the interview, see you guys on the 26th. Enjoy the show.


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