New England Beast Jesse Baughman Takes Aim at Pro Ranks: “I’m Hungry to Get Back in There at CES 58”

Hard-hitting big man Jesse Baughman is back in action at CES 58 on Sept. 7 in Hartford; before that, the former amateur champ spoke with FightBook MMA.

How did you find MMA to begin with?

When I was in the military, I was a boxing instructor. When I got out of the military, some friends introduced me to jiu-jitsu, I eventually took a few amateur fights and they went well. I had six solid victories and was ranked No. 1 in my area in my weight class. That’s how it all got started.

Do you think you’re capable of becoming the No. 1 fighter in your division in New England as a professional?

That’s one of my goals. It’s going to take some time. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, I’m 28 now and I’m trying to pick things up, move at a faster pace, and see where I am in 2020.

How’s it going to feel to finally get back in the cage at CES 58?

I’ve been eager to get in there. I’m a full-time federal officer, so that’s where my focus has been, but MMA has never left my mind. Everything is going well and I’m hungry to get back in there.

Is there anything that compares to stepping into the cage?

There really isn’t. It’s a rush unlike any other. I was in the military and my mindset carried over from that — the determination to take on any challenge you’re faced with. It’s a passion for me, and I love the challenge of it.

What should your fans expect for your next fight?

My fans expect a fast finish, which is what I’ve done in the past. But I’m going to have some fun. I haven’t been there for a while, so I’m going to have some fun and experiment with some things that are going to help me in my professional career. Expect an exciting fight and definitely the best version of myself.


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