Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez talks about his upcoming fight at WBKFF

World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation (WBKFF): “Rise of the Titans” will be held Friday night, November 9th, to air on worldwide pay-per-view live from Casper Events Center in Casper, Wyoming.

FightBookMMA will be in attendance to cover this event. Stay tuned as we will have the official results, recap and photographs.

One of the fighters on the card is Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez he sat down with FightBookMMA’s correspondent Mark Plata to talk about his upcoming fight.

Mark The Sparrow Plata: As a veteran of the sport what made you want to compete in Bare Knuckle Boxing?

Nick: Boxing has always been my strong point in MMA. Of course the 100 thousand grand prize was appealing but it’s mainly for something different. Local MMA just hasn’t sparked my interest as of late. It’s a fresh and new opportunity for me.

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Mark The Sparrow Plata: Have you been doing anything different to prepare for this type of fight?

Nick: No not really, training has been very much the same with some conditioning of my hands. Hitting wood and 2×4’s to condition the knuckles that sort of things.

Mark The Sparrow Plata: Being that the first opponent is chosen at random, who would you like to fight first in the tournament?

Nick: Honestly I don’t really care. I don’t have beef or any personal issues with anyone. They’re all trying to do the same thing to me anyways.

Mark The Sparrow Plata: What would winning the tournament mean to you in comparison to some of your other achievements?

Nick: It’s a feather in my cap, showing that I’m an original badass. Austin isn’t much of fight town so it would be good to put my hometown on the map in something like this. It’s outside the norm to win a Bare Knuckle tournament. A feather in the cap that no one will be able to touch.

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