Nikki Cruz spoke to FightBook MMA ahead of her bout at Sparta Wyoming 5

Sparta Sports & Entertainment has an amazing card lined up for fans as they host Sparta Wyoming 5. This event will be taking place on Saturday, January 30, 2021 at The Outlaw Saloon in Cheyenne, Wyoming with Ring Announcer Kody Mommaerts.

In the main event, Joseph Garcia (3-2-0) will be taking on Chris Cocores (7-4-0). Also on the card we will see Nickki Cruz take on Lisa Mucci.

Nikki Cruz is a kickboxer from South Lake Tahoe, California training at Escobar Training Grounds in South Lake Tahoe with coaches Cory Escobar, Dori Escobar, and Cameron Church.

Nikki sat down with Roberto Villa CEO of FightBook MMA to talk about her upcoming Muay Thai fight come January 30th.

Roberto: Nikki thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me during your busy schedule. Can you tell the fans a little bit about yourself?

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Nikki: Hi everyone, I’m NIKKI Cruz. I’m a kickboxer from Escobar Training grounds out of South Lake Tahoe. Very excited to be here, thanks for having me on Roberto.

Roberto: How old were you when you started competing in MMA?

Nikki: I walked into the gym when I was 14 with the intention to just get some extra cardio work in for some of the other sports I did at the time. I started to fall in love with the sport and the fighting community so I got serious with training and committed to it about 3 years ago when I did my first fight at 16.

Roberto: You captured a kickboxing title for the World Fighting Championships promotion. How did you feel getting that belt wrapped
around your waist?

Nikki: It was amazing. WFC has been part of my fight journey for a long time and was the promotion to give me the opportunity to start fighting in the first place so I am very thankful for them. There is so much that goes into preparing for a fight so being able to mark that fight camp with a title means a lot to me and my team.

Roberto: Your last fight you defeated Khortni Kamyron in a Kickboxing Bout at Sparta Wyoming 4 for the Vacant Sparta Women’s 125 LBS Kickboxing Title. Taking this belt home must’ve felt good?

Kikki: It was an awesome experience. That was the first fight that I traveled that far for so it was a huge learning experience for me. It was different to cut weight in a hotel or to wake up the day of the fight not in my own bed. But yeah it was nice to bring the belt back home to the gym.

Roberto: How excited are you to come back and fight for the same promotion this time in a Muay Thai fight?

Nikki: I’m thrilled, really happy for the opportunity, thank you to Sparta for inviting me back. Excited to kick off 2021 with a fight.

Roberto: Your taking on Lisa Mucci, do you know much about her?

Nikki: Yeah, she’s an experienced and talented fighter.

Roberto: Anything you want to say to her before you face her in the

Nikki: Not really, I’m gonna save it for the ring

Roberto: How has training been during this pandemic?

Nikki: The change was difficult at first but we adjusted and training has been going great. To be honest my training schedule was the least affected; my school schedule seemed to be the most affected by it. So I just had to adjust to the times and how online learning would work with it all.

Roberto: Alright, some rapid questions I like to ask. Favorite food?

Nikki: I love sandwiches but my personal favorite is a BLT.

Roberto: Favorite music?

Nikki: I like to listen to alternative rock, so some of my favorites are cage the elephant, the backseat lovers, or catfish and the bottlemen.

Roberto: Favorite Movie?

Nikki: I’m a hopeless romantic so it would have to be Endless Love

Roberto: Your hobby, other than training (laughs)

Nikki: I think this is one of the hardest questions for me to answer (laughs). But I really enjoy learning about the field of psychology. I’m actually going to college to get my Ph.D. in psychiatry and then eventually work in the prison system. So other than fight camp I have been studying or reading books/research studies on what’s happening in the realm of psychology.

Roberto: What would your friends say about you.

Nikki: Ummm I’m not sure. They all seemed to be a bit shocked when I started fighting because I carry myself as the “quiet shy kid” but they fully support me and are proud that I’m doing something I am passionate about.

Roberto: What are your goals when you turn pro?

Nikki: To keep doing what I do. To stay focused and driven. To keep progressing with my ground and stand up

Roberto: How do you feel about what you’ve accomplished so far at such a
young age?

Nikki: I’m blessed. I don’t like to think of “my accomplishments” as mine because they aren’t. They are more like a combination of my team, family, and supporter’s accomplishments, along with me. Without these amazing people, I wouldn’t have the opportunities, accomplishments, and goals that I have so I like to see myself as very lucky.

Roberto: Nikki, I want to thank you for the opportunity to be able to talk to you. Any shoutouts to sponsors or anyone the floor is yours.

Nikki: Yes, I would like to shout out Tahoe chiropractic clinic and PT revolution for all the treatment and work they do with me. Also all my amazing teammates at Escobar training grounds, my corners Cameron Church, Cory and Dori Escobar , and strength/conditioning coach Jason. Of course my parents and all my family down in Turlock, Florida, and Arizona. Lastly, all the people outside of the gym that show their support by encouraging me or just by tuning into the fights.


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