Nine Years, 24 fights, Highlight Reel Knockout and No UFC Contract. Christopher Curtis Insists on Retirement

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018, the return of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender series at it debuted it’s second season. Featuring many interesting fights, Christopher Curtis was among the bunch, where he would land a highlight reel hook kick for a knockout victory over Sean Lally. As the night came to an end, two men, Alonzo Menifield and Greg Hardy would receive the contract from White.

Left in shock, Curtis took to social media, announcing he had broken his hand during his fight (making his knockout even more impressive), and the would retire from MMA following his injury.

Many were left in disbelief Curtis would retire after such an amazing victory, taking to social media begging for him to stay.

FightBookMMA spoke with ‘The Action Man’ Curtis following his fight, injury and retirement. His decision to retire sounds final…

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Christopher Curtis: “I have been contemplating this for a long time (retirement). This sport takes a lot out of you. I haven’t seen my kids in 4 months. I train across the country. I have come so close so many times only to be denied again and again. I just can’t justify the time, energy and sacrifice anymore.”

We asked if his retirement was his final decision, or if there was room to change his mind, he followed up:

“I have no intention of changing it. I have had months to come to terms with it. I refuse to be a prospect at 31.”

What seems to have led Curtis to announcing his retirement was after his KO victory this past Tuesday, bringing all the experience he has to the octagon, and then not getting the contract offer – “It stings a lot”, Christopher told FightBookMMA:

I have put 11 years of blood, sweat and tears into this sport. I have done everything they asked of me, I beat the best guys they could find And I put on a highlight reel performance with one hand, as a boxer. I don’t know what else they want from me. I don’t think anyone is sure, honestly

As for the feeling of landing a Shawn Michael’s-like kick to end the fight:

“It felt great in that moment man. Was something we had worked on and I wanted to leave it all in the ring. Messed up hand or not, so I just went for it.”

After season 1 episode 1 of DWTNC, where Curtis would announce his retirement, the outcry for him to remain fighting was huge, and shocked the now retired Welterweight:

It has honestly been awesome. A ton of people have reached out upset that they only found out about me just now and I’m retiring. Makes me frustrated that The UFC just doesn’t see the value in me or they just don’t care. People love me apparently.”

Looking back on his 24 fight career, there were certainly ups, but also plenty of downs:

Man it’s been a long bumpy road. I have lost so many friends and loved ones. Missed so many events in my children’s lives and watched very important relationships crumble all in pursuit of my dreams. It’s rough and it hurts to have to look back on and wonder if it was worth it. Time will tell.

After 9 years competing in professional MMA, time away from his kids and current/former partners, even Sam Alvey hopes Chris Curtis sticks around, but “a man has to learn when to say enough”, and now that that time seems to have come, what’s next?:

Yeah Sam is like a brother to me. I live in his house lol. He wants me to stay the course but every man has to learn when to say enough. As far as what’s next, we’re going to focus on being a better dad. Find a real job and go from there.

Christopher ‘The Action Man’ Curtis has informed FightBookMMA that his social media outlets have always been used for fighting, and now that that chapter of his life is coming to a close, he plans on closing them down. If you want to follow Christopher on his journey beyond the cage, his Instagram is here to stay: @Actionman513

We want to congratulate Curtis on his retirement, and the best of luck moving forward with his family and friends.

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