NP FIGHT Day in Brazil fight card for Sept. 7

September 7th is the date set for the 13th edition of NP FIGHT.

The Goiana organization has prepared a diversified card for Midwest martial arts fans.

MMA, NO-GI and Muay Thai, are the modalities that will make the show for the holiday in Goiânia.


The main fight is an interstate dispute between Goiás and Pará. Goiano Elismar “Carrasco” will defend his title in the category up to 66 kg against Pará Luiz Eduardo “Balotelli” ..

In the co-main fight, the battle will take place for the unification of the title in the category up to 84 kg, between the current linear holder, the Brazilian “Rafão” Celestino and the Goiano Jeff Santos, who owns the interim belt.


Jefferson “Monge” is Muay Thai champion in the 75kg category. On the night of NP FIGHT 13, he will put his title on the line against Hebert “Saci”.

Another category of Muay Thai in action, will be up to 93 kg, between Wesley Venute and Marcos “Ninja”.

Continuing the innovation that pleased the fans, the organization kills the implemented novelty, with this fight being held with MMA gloves.


Andressa “Tratorzinho” and Vitória Silva, are the female duo that brighten the card.

The modality will be NO-Gi (jiujitsu without Kimono). For the first time within the organization, the sport will be disputed by women.


As is traditional within the franchise, prior to the professional event, happens the BRAZILIAN FIGHT TALENTS, which is the amateur league of the organization. 10 amateur fights are planned.

BTF is the amateur event that has most revealed athletes to the professional scene in the Midwest today.

It is noteworthy that the 13th edition of NP FIGHT, opens its cage for debut athletes who were featured in the amateur category, and won the opportunity to fight professionally.

One of these highlights is José Vinícius “Monstrinho”, from the city of Bom Jesus de Goiás, in the interior of Goiás.

Coming from a social project, as a teenager participated in previous editions, with expressive performances. Now, as an adult, he is kicking off his professional career at NP FIGHT against fellow debutant Kesley “Thumb”.


September 7
Southwest Goiania Sports Gymnasium
Goiania, Goias, Brazil

Schedule: Amateur MMA (BFT) from 18h and NP FIGHT from 20h


25 reais in advance

30 reais at the gym box office

Table for 4 people, 200 reais in the VIP area

More information by whats: + 55 (62) – 98568 2435



▪ 66kg – Elismar “Carrasco” vs Luiz Eduardo “Balotelli” / Belt Defense

▪ 84kg – Jeff Santos vs Rafael Celestino “Rafão” / Belt Unification

▪ 75kg – Hebert “Saci” vs Jeferson “Monge” (Muay Thai) Belt Defense

▪ 70kg – Alan Silva vs Cristian “Maranhão”

▪ 61kg – Rafael José vs Paulinho “CJ”

▪ 93kg – Wesley Venute vs Marcos “Ninja” (Muay Thai)


▪65kg – Andressa “Tratorzinho” vs Vitória Silva (NO-GI)

▪ 52kg – José Vinicius “Monstrinho” vs Kesley “Polegar”

▪ 66kg – Vanderson Ferreira vs Caio Siqueira

▪ 70kg – Mesaque Moreno x Aristídes “Monstro”

▪ 66kg – Lucas “Barrão” x Inglesson Lara

▪ 57kg – Itamar Dias vs Marlon “Bob”


70kg – Vitor Siqueira Rocha x Diogo VelosO

84kg – Wanderson Tosta Cruz vs Ryan Fernando Alves de Medeiros

75kg – Luiz Fernando X Weverton Jose Dos Santos

93kg – Alexandre de Araújo “Coronheiro” x João Gabriel Mendes Siqueira

62kg – Joelton Henrique de Jesus de Brito vs Demián Hernan Dardick

57kg – Kleber Junio ​​de Lima vs André Silva

61kg – Pedro Higor Veras Diniz vs Antonio Gregório Matias

52kg – Luiz Henrique “Chapolin” vs Matteus Santos

(16 years old) 63kg – Thiago Duarte Braga vs Guilherme Silva Gomes

(17/16 years) 61kg – Guilherme Braga Alves vs Marco Vinícius Soares Santana