Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson targeted for event on April 18


Five Times A Charm

YES, you read that right the long-awaited fight between  Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson is being targeted for a UFC pay-per-view on April 18 in Brooklyn, N.Y according to a number of sources close to the situation.

The initial report on the fight came from ESPN & was later confirmed Dana White who said

” We have plans for the fight in April, although negotiations are still ongoing” 

This will be the fifth time that the UFC has tried to get both these men into the cage at the same time, having failed over the years take a quick look at the timeline of things below:


October 15th, 2015 — two months out from their first fight, Nurmagomedov withdraws from an upcoming fight with Tony Ferguson which was due to take place on the same night as the finale of the of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ citing a rib injury. Tony went on to win the Interim Title against Edson BarbozaImage result for khabib vs ferguson timeline

April 5th, 2016 — 11 days out from a rescheduled fight with Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson withdraws from the main event. He was forced off the card after suffering illness which resulted in fluid and blood collecting in his lungs. Nurmagomedov went on to fight Darrell Horcher winning via second round.

Image result for khabib vs darrell horcher

March 3rd, 2017 — This fight was called at the last minute after Nurmagomedov was taken to hospital the night before the official weigh inn after suffering severe issues with his kidneys and was deemed medically incapable of competing by the doctors. Tony had already weighed the following day before he was told of the fight getting dropped. Later Khabib provided a statement to all the fans stating that

“The doctors say ‘no fight, one hundred percent, no make weight, no nothing. You need to stay the hospital for seven-hour, we have to make sure your body is good’. I feel I almost died.”Image result for khabib weight cut

& Finally

April 1st, 2018 — Ferguson suffers an accident while doing media for FOX, rumor has it he fell over some cable & while he body rotated his knee didn’t, causing the ligament on his knee to completely tear from the bone. after a fourth time .

Dana White said, “I’m never making that fight ever again. Ever.”Image result for tony ferguson knee surgery

But now we have the fifth fight and who can blame Dana for putting it on. Both men are head & shoulders above the rest of the lightweight division and it is the only title fight worth having.


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