NWA Powerrr Episode 32

As the National Wrestling Alliance gears up for a twin PPV August 28th and 29th (NWA EMPOWERRR/NWA 73), POWERRR returns with a brand new episode on FightBook MMA on the FITE TV Network airing on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, at 6:05 EST.

Appearing, and in action are:

Chris Adonis vs Thom Latimer vs Mike Parrow in the second of two National Heavyweight Title qualifying matches. The winner of which will face the claimant of round one, JTG, to thereby crown a new NWA National Champion.

Tyrus (w/ manager Austin Idol) will face Jordan Clearwater and Blk Jeez in a handicap match; at the request of Tyrus.

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Crimson vs Slice Boogie in a grudge match, at the request of Crimson.

Mims vs The masked Mystery Man, in the hooded grappler’s in-ring debut.

And Thunder Rosa will square off against Serena Deeb at the POWERRR Podium; as these two former NWA Women’s Champions will vigorously discuss who might next face Kamille at one of the NWA’s twin PPVs.


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